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Admiral Media hires new Data Scientist

New team member

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New team member

Ahoi Nicholas! Welcome on board of Admiral Media! We are proud to announce that Nicholas Shaw has joined the crew as Data Scientist.

Nicholas is an engineer turned developer with a background in physics, renewable energy, and energy for buildings. He has a deep interest in scalable data and machine learning systems where he has developed end-to-end forecasting models. His experience with ad-tech data and user acquisition started when joining a seed startup in Barcelona that helped YouTubers and Twitch streamers earn extra revenue by allowing their viewers to make cost-free donations. There he automated user acquisition and retention scaling to the initial 5k users. He also implemented automated data analytics pipelines that contributed to lowering acquisition costs, and improving click-through rates.

He will certainly add a lot of value to the team with his experience. Please join us in welcoming our newest team member. Welcome Nicholas! 

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