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Goal Alert Soccer News App

Goal Alert is one of the biggest soccer news app on this planet and asked the Admiral to help with some support on their user acquisition strategy. We pulled our binoculars and reviewed Goal Alerts Facebook, Apple Search Ads and Google App Campaigns. After some initial smoke tests we were able to drastically improve and scale all their campaigns while still decreasing the user acquisition costs. This lead to the decision that Admiral Media would take over the entire performance marketing budget for all their apps – from the classic Goal Alert apps to the Women’s World Cup, Gold Cup & COPA Americas. Due to the success of our work Admiral Media has been nominated as the Best App Marketing Agency 2020 at the App Promotion Summit in Berlin!


NeuroNation Brain Training

The NeuroNation Braintraining App is one of the leading health and fitness apps. With this app millions of users improve their cognitive capabilities with simple but scientific proven mini games. As a result of its rapid organic growth NeuroNation wanted to start spending and eventually scale paid user acquisition and Admiral Media got the lead for the global marketing budget. Since than we were able to triple the user growth and decrease CAC while increasing ROAS and rolling out in many more countries.