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Apple Search Ads


Structure your account by:

  1. Create ‘Campaigns’
    • according to ‘Country’ or ‘Region’ and ‘Strategy’
    • set up a life budget and include a daily budget
  2. Add ‘Ad Groups’
    • name them according to your choices
    • include keywords and set bids
    • regularly look at bid strength
  3. Mine your ‘Keywords’
    • regularly check your discovery campaign
    • add high-performing search terms to the relevant campaign’s ad group using exact match type, while remembering to also add them as ’exact match’ to ‘negative keywords’ in your discovery campaign
    • non-performing terms should be added as ‘exact match’ to negative keywords
Apple Flow Chart

4. ASA Facilities

    • make the most of data analysis 
    • share ‘Voice Report’, CTR among other metrics



    • be inspired by ‘Keyword Planner’
    • generally do not bid higher in search than your lowest in ‘broad match’
    • when filtered by gender and/or age you will let out around 30% LAT users, if you want to launch an ad-hoc campaign bid lower than gender and/or age active campaigns.
    • look at ASA Keyword suggestions but think before adding if they will be included in the right campaign/ad group
    • use bulk editing for creating/editing keywords and negative keywords.
    • control your budget life especially in long active campaigns


  • keep in mind ASA search is different from other search engines/browsers (e.g.: Google)
  • don’t include any special characters, they will be rejected