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The best decision doesn’t come only from more data, but from the context behind it. We help set up and develop customized reporting solutions that fit your needs and give you the context you need to make decisions.

Tools / Tech Stack

Data can be your secret weapon and help you build a sustainable competitive advantage, though it can be overweening to read. Overall, who loves numbers? Actually, we do. We use Tableau, BigQuery, and other tools to set up your data processing stack with custom Tableau dashboards to give you the meaningful information you need.

Tracking configuration

The smallest tracking configuration mistake can lead to your data being corrupted, which will directly affect any decisions made using such data. So, we make sure that our experts set up your tracking across all your ad networks. The whole process is covered, from setting up your MMP or GA4 and configuring your most important events to setting up your SKAd conversions and attribution model.

Data-driven hypothesis testing

We use meaningful information to make the best marketing decisions and build hypotheses around what needs to be tested, why, when, and how. Our proprietary is to contextualize the data and use a simple algorithm to separate signal from noise. This results in a better understanding of *why* performance is up or down and what we should be testing next.

Rapid A/B Testing

Growth is challenging, and the process is even tougher. We rapidly A/B test to answer many questions and understand the best performing combinations of positioning, user segment, and channel.

How does it work?

1. We audit your analytics stack. This includes MMP, GA4, and any other tool you use to track users’ activities within your app or website.

2. We reconfigure your tools to work seamlessly together according to your objective. This means fixing any configuration issues, QA testing, and configuring the tracking of any missing events.

3. We set up your data processing. This includes setting up API calls to every ad network and storing the right data in the right table in your data warehouse.

4. We built the right analytics dashboard to give you the information you need to make decisions. We love this too, it helps us decide on A/B testing.