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We are an award-winning and leading mobile app growth consultancy agency, where we excel in driving success for businesses and entrepreneurs by expanding their mobile applications and reaching their objectives.
Our seasoned app experts possess a wealth of experience in mobile app growth across various industries and app types. Harness the power of our accumulated wisdom, proven strategies, and best practices to accelerate your appā€™s expansion. Benefit from our unparalleled expertise in the mobile app growth landscape.

We consult you on the following topics:

As a leading growth consulting agency, we offer a range services, including Onboarding Optimization, Customer Journey Management, Paywall Enhancement, and Engagement & CRM strategies. We employ a data-driven and inventive methodology to empower our clients in unlocking their appā€™s full potential and capturing an extensive user base in the rapidly evolving mobile app growth market.

Onboarding Optimization

App onboarding is one of the userā€™s first touchpoints with your app. This is where the foundation of the relationship with the user is laid, which is why this step is so incredibly important. If the onboarding is smart, intuitive and inviting, the user will start using your app with a positive feeling.

Customer Journey Management

Communication with the user always resembles a tightrope act. Itā€™s about finding the perfect balance between communicating with the user often enough so that he integrates the use of your app into his natural behavior and not annoying him with too much communication. Weā€™ll explain how you can find that balance.

Paywall Optimization

On the one hand, you want to monetize the user to make your business successful, but on the other hand, you must not overwhelm or discourage a user. We share our learnings that we have generated through years of A/B testing.

Engagement & CRM

Itā€™s a long way from installation to a truly dedicated user. We take you on a journey from activation to long-term retention and work with you to find the perfect mix of communication channels.

Our experts analyze your app over a period ofĀ 2 weeks. We get a picture of the customer journey and the entire communication. Based on this, we develop a report with improvement possibilities to make your application even more successful.


We analyze your app & communication and draft a concept for improvement opportunities


  • Current Data (CLV, Activation Rate, Retention Rate, Open Rates, CR)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer Journey (Onboarding, Activation Phase, Retention UCs)
  • Communication (Push, InApp Messages, Email, Landing Pages)
  • Monetization Management (Paywalls, Offers, Subscription Model

We are happy to go beyond consulting and take over the implementation for you. With our proven workflow, you will constantly generate new learnings and thus see improvements.


We support you in the technical implementation of your requirements


  • Support in the implementation of meaningful marketing channels
  • Installation of a multi-channel communication according to your needs
  • Development and implementation of a clean concept for data evaluation
  • Elaboration of the Email-hygiene concept
  • Elaboration and segmentation for control groups for AB test scenarios


We support you in creating a smart customer journey to retain your users in the long term.

Activate, Retain, Monetize

  • We develop several UCs with the goals Activation, Retention, Monetization
  • We work with you to develop a smart customer journey and behavior based offer journey
  • We create a careful A/B testing plan to generate learnings
  • Together with you, we create a goal-driven roadmap to optimize future growth
  • We conduct training to prepare your team to master the road to success without outside help


Tobias Bƶrner

Growth Consultant | Founder | Entrepreneur

  • Over 15 Years Experience in App Business
  • Founder of Lovoo | Co-Founder of Fastic
  • Creating Great Ideas for Growth

Andre Kempe

Acquisition Specialist | Founder | Entrepreneur

  • Over 15 Years Experience in App Business
  • Founder of Admiral Media | Co-Founder of Admiral Studio
  • Expert for all steps from acquisition to loyal user