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The ultimate Apple Search Ads Guide from and for App Marketing Experts

Whether you’re new to the channel or a seasoned pro – gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the game with insider knowledge and expert insights.


As the competition in the app market continues to intensify and Apple is ramping up its efforts to enhance this channel, investing in Apple Search Ads and learning how to optimize its outcomes has become crucial for businesses in 2023.

Andre Kempe

CEO at Admiral Media

At the end of the day, the way users land onto the product page is completely different, and user intent plays a huge role in whether they convert or not.

David Sanchez

Head of Growth at Sololearn

Are you looking for performance? Choose Search results and try to avoid the other placements. This doesn't mean that the other three won't work, but It’s tough to scale and be profitable.

Lucas Moscon

Senior UA Manager at Monkey Taps

The risk of cannibalization (paying for downloads that would happen anyway) Is virtually impossible to control. In practice, | would still advise scaling brand as far as the individual business goals allow.

Mario Dietrich

Head of Marketing Growth at LOVOO

The greatest thing about ASA is getting hard data about store behavior we can't get anywhere else: ASA data Is incredibly helpful for ASO, brand positioning, messaging and more.

Thomas Petit

Growth Consultant

Having different app or game features In separate Ad groups will help you not only organize your keywords more effectively, but also to understand your users' intentions in more detail.

Yanina Velikova

UA Team Lead at Admiral Media

What's inside our ASA Ebook?

  • 5 things that set ASA apart from any other channel
  • How to optimize Apple Search Ads
  • Thomas Petit shares his most expensive and most valuable ASA lessons
  • Why Custom Product Pages are not A/B tests 
  • How to scale ASA in new markets using different placements

Streamline your campaigns, gain a competitive advantage, and stay ahead of the game with insider knowledge and expert insights