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5x Downloads with our TikTok Creative Strategy

Introduction to MyGroove

MyGroove is a leading app that transforms the way individuals learn and engage with music. It empowers users to play instruments in synchrony with globally celebrated artists, providing an unparalleled immersive experience of joining a band from day one.

Whether it’s mastering the piano, strumming the guitar, keeping the beat on drums, grooving with the bass, or perfecting vocal cords, MyGroove offers an authentic and interactive musical journey.


The main goal of the iOS TikTok campaigns for MyGroove was to test different creative elements and find out which ones best connect with the target audience. 

This effort aimed to understand how different musical focuses—like drumming, piano, guitar, bass, and singing—affect user engagement and app downloads.





Through our Admiral testing framework, we identified the winning creatives, increasing downloads, and revenue.


We developed a strategy that involved launching various creative versions, each featuring different instruments and emphasizing a unique aspect of the musical training provided by MyGroove.

Among these, a creative focusing solely on singing and paired with a catchy tune stood out, achieving the lowest Cost Per Install (CPI) and the highest Click-Through Rate (CTR).

Building on this insight, we introduced a new set of creatives, including a “40-second Mix” and a shorter “20-second Mix.” These versions were designed to capture the essence of MyGroove by merging singing, piano, guitar, drums, and bass lessons into a cohesive narrative.

Play Video

40-second Mix

Play Video

20-second Mix

A key feature of these creatives was the inclusion of a catchy song within the first 3 seconds, showing a student practicing alongside a famous artist. This mirrored the successful element from our previous winning ad.


By implementing a rule to pause any creative once it reached a specific number of impressions, we ensured even distribution of exposure and accurate performance measurement across different ad variations. This approach guaranteed that each creative had a fair chance to show its effectiveness in engaging the target audience and driving app downloads.

Click-Through Rates (CTR):

The ‘20sec Mix’ and ‘40sec Mix’ creatives demonstrated exceptional audience engagement, with their Click-Through Rates (CTRs) outperforming the average by approximately 50% and 84%, respectively. 

This significantly higher level of interest and interaction compared to other creatives highlights how engaging the content was, effectively prompting viewers to explore more about MyGroove and its offerings.









CTR Performance Relative to Average

How we’ve calculated the above:

Each creative's CTR and CPI is a percentage relative to the average of all creatives


Percentage Difference from Average CTR:

This will illustrate how much higher or lower each creative’s CTR is compared to the average CTR of all creatives in the chart.


Percentage Difference from Average CPI:

Since a lower CPI is better, this comparison will demonstrate how much more or less efficient each creative is in terms of cost per install compared to the average CPI of all creatives in the chart.



CTR % vs Average:

Values above 0% indicate a CTR higher than the average, while values below 0% indicate a CTR lower than the average. For example, the “40sec Mix” has an 83.9% higher CTR than the average, making it a standout performer in terms of attracting clicks.


CPI % vs Average:

Negative values indicate a lower (and thus better) CPI than the average, while positive values show a higher (and less efficient) CPI. For example, the “20sec Mix” has a CPI that is 78.5% lower than the average, indicating exceptional cost efficiency in driving downloads.

Cost Per Install (CPI):

Among all tested creatives, the ‘20sec Mix’ and ‘40sec Mix’ variations stood out with the most efficient performance, achieving Cost Per Installs (CPIs) that were 78.5% and 67.9% lower than the average, respectively. 

This demonstrates their superior cost-effectiveness in converting impressions into app installs. This efficiency highlights the powerful combination of creative content that spans the full spectrum of musical education offered by MyGroove, from instruments to vocals. 

On the other hand, the ‘40sec Guitar’ creative, despite having a good Click-Through Rate (CTR), recorded the highest CPIs among all variations. While the video successfully attracted viewers initially, it was less effective at converting these viewers into app downloads. A main factor here, is due to the song used in the ‘40sec Guitar’ variation wasn’t as appealing to the audience as the songs used in the ‘20sec Mix’ and ‘40sec Mix’ variations.

CTR Performance Relative to Average

Insights and Next GROWTH STEPS

Strategic content creation:

Future campaigns will prioritize integrating instantly engaging musical hooks at the beginning of each creative. Recognizing the critical importance of the first few seconds, we will focus on selecting tunes that are not only catchy but also align with the campaign’s thematic goals and the brand’s identity.

Data-driven creative optimization:

Leveraging the insights from the performance of the “20sec Mix” and “40sec Mix” ads, we will continue to refine our creative strategy. This involves experimenting with different musical genres and themes and analyzing audience engagement and conversion data to identify what resonates best with our target users on TikTok.

Our success story on TikTok is not just about surpassing targets—it’s about setting new benchmarks in the mobile domain. This case study showcases our agency’s expertise and serves as a valuable resource for those seeking insights on successfully leveraging different channels in today’s user acquisition landscape and the dynamic industry of mobile app advertising.