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How Dynamic Creatives streamlined ad variety and cut workload for retargeting

Mr D Food


A huge player in the competitive food delivery industry in South Africa, harnessed the power of dynamic creatives enabling the generation of hundreds of unique ads while simultaneously reducing the workload.


Our team found that the extensive periods of time that developing new creatives was taking, caused a negative impact on campaigns and their management. Showing symptoms like:
Ad Fatigue and Monotony icon
Ad Fatigue and Monotony: The traditional approach of using static creatives led to ad fatigue and a sense of monotony among the target audience.
Workload Strain icon
Workload Strain: Manually creating and managing a large number of ads for different locations and promotions was a resource-intensive task.


After identifying the challenges we set-up a clear roadmap with clear objectives which can be grouped into 2 main goals:

Diversify Ad Content icon

Diversify Ad Content: Introduce variety and freshness to the ad creatives to captivate the audience’s attention and combat ad fatigue while offering catchy design and more offers per creative.

Get efficiency through Automation icon

Get efficiency through Automation: Reduce the manual workload associated with creating and managing a multitude of ad variations.


Personalized Ad Elements: Used dynamic creative elements to personalize ad content based on product category.

Winning platform: Chose a platform that offered features needed to run fast and effective dynamic banners through the programmatic environment.
We collaborated hand on hand with the amazing team at RTB House and their outstanding technology.

Automated Ad Generation: Implemented a product feed, tools and platforms that facilitated the automated generation of ad variations, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Dynamic Offers and Categories: Ensured ads are always up-to-date and reflective of the current market conditions.


The synergy between RTB and Admiral Media achieved an impressive trend of CPA
in terms of purchases done in the Grocery vertical for our client.






CPA Reduction: Notably, the dynamic creative approach demonstrated a reduction in CPA of -32% in DCO compared to static ads during the period from August 14th to October 31st. We were able to maintain DCO’s CPA under Static’s week over week.
Mr D Case Study Graph 1
Effective Budget allocation: We pushed further the spend for DCO creatives to achieve +37% vs Statics because the earlier showed fast learning and quick positive development and even in times of tough competition, DCO stood always below the Static’s CPA.
Massive volume of variations delivered: RTB’s tech managed to create more than 2.140 unique variations & sizes from a feed of 160 different elements! Compared to the Statics delivered in the whole history, we managed to triple (3X) the volume of assets served in our campaigns.
circle diagram


Juan David Gutierrez Olarte

Performance Marketing Manager @Admiral Media

I am truly amazed by the invaluable support this project has provided. We are thrilled to extend this cutting-edge technology to more clients, as it has proven to be a game-changer in our endeavors. The potential for growth and innovation is truly exhilarating.


In conclusion, the successful collaboration between RTB and Admiral Media has not only achieved a substantial reduction in CPA but has also showcased the scalability, efficiency, and adaptability of dynamic creative optimization in the dynamic landscape of the Grocery vertical. 
This sets a precedent for future advertising strategies, emphasizing the importance of innovation and collaboration in achieving and surpassing campaign objectives.

This case study not only showcases our agency’s expertise but also serves as a valuable resource for those seeking insights on how to successfully leverage AI in today’s User Acquisition world and the dynamic industry of mobile app advertising.