How we helped ImmoScout24 find success using Apple Custom Product Pages

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ImmoScout24 Case Study by Admiral Media

The Power of Customization: How we helped ImmoScout24 drive success and cut CPAs in half on Apple Search Ads using Custom Product Pages









ImmoScout24 is the number #1 real estate app and digital real estate marketplace in Germany. With 98% brand recognition, the name has practically become synonymous with real estate. ImmoScout24 has been shaping the real estate market for over 20 years. Their mission is to successfully bring owners, realtors, and seekers together. Over 20 million users are experiencing the services every month via the web and, increasingly, the up-to-date and intuitive app.



On the user-facing side, the ImmoScout24 app has two main target demographics: renters and buyers who are looking for an app to either rent an apartment/house or invest in buying one, either to live in or rent it out themselves. These distinctive user groups show different intentions, customer journeys, and behaviors. Marketing communications always need to keep in mind these two target groups; however, the App Store previously only allowed for one rigid store page.


To allow for more nuanced messaging to different customers, Apple introduced Custom Product Pages (CPPs) with iOS 15. Custom Product Pages allow marketers to create up to 35 custom App Store pages. Their seamless integration into Apple Search Ads makes them most potent for ASA campaigns.

We devised a Custom Product Page strategy for ImmoScout24 to help them attract renters and buyers alike using Apple Search Ads. With CPPs you can match each of those customer segments with the most relevant creatives for them, rather than treating all of your potential customers as one group and trying to convert them with generic messaging.


To get CPPs to generate more conversions on Apple Search, we discussed the different audience groups and their intent with ImmoScout24. We helped them create CPPs, providing recommendations and feedback along the way.

The idea was to test the new custom ads with the most relevant search terms, so when a user is searching for ‘wohnung mieten’ (rent an apartment) the Ad (CPP) meets their expectations.

ImmoScout24 Case Study by Admiral Media

The Results

This is what we achieved with the Custom Product Pages in relevant ad groups in Generic campaigns for people looking to buy over the course of 4 weeks (August 2022):

ImmoScout24 Case Study by Admiral Media

We saw with our approach that custom product pages outperformed the standard variant for buyers – we managed to reduce the CPT from €1.93 to €1.13 and push down CPAs from €2.41 to €1.36 with the use of a Custom Product Page.

For renters, we achieved similarly great results during the same timeframe:

ImmoScout24 Case Study by Admiral Media

Here the CPA was €0.80 – compared to €2.15 for the default page, CPT went down from €2.00 to €0.69 while Tap-Through-Rate (TTR) increased to 28% (vs. 22% for the default page).

The Apple Search Ads algorithm will A/B test the versions and allocate more money to the better performer; hence, our CPP quickly received the majority of spend.

Looking at the data on the App Store Connect, we confirm the same positive trend. Both CPPs have higher CR in comparison to the default one.

ImmoScout24 Case Study by Admiral Media

After the successful introduction of launch, we are starting to iterate and test new variants of the CPPs.

ImmoScout24 Case Study by Admiral Media