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Petit BamBou – Scaling a global user acquisition campaign on TikTok using creatives’ magic

We help your business to grow faster. Read some case studies and clients reviews here and learn how we scaled their user acquisition to new levels.

Petit BamBou Case Study by Admiral Media

Learn how we reduced the CPI by 57% and increased conversions by 170% using Spark Ads.




Conversion Rate





Content is key

One of our most impressive clients is the meditation and mindfulness app Petit BamBou with over 2,000 guided meditation sessions in six languages and is used by 9+ million people worldwide. After we had been running campaigns for a while, we suggested testing TikTok as a new channel. Initially, we were seeing average results, but we trusted that we could improve our campaigns’ performance with more engaging content.

Read how we helped them scale with a TikTok ad that went viral getting 34.5 million views.

But wait, there’s more: we know that this channel is not just a one-hit-wonder, so we took a deep dive into the latest trends and how we could utilize them for our clients.

This way we were able to achieve repeat success and help them expand to other geos.


What we did


After various iterations of creative ideas and concepts, we agreed on what type of content was working best for this channel and our client decided to brief an influencer to create some native videos. TikTok makes it easy to use creator videos as ads and measure results, using their Spark Ads format.

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Authenticity and creativity are key elements that we look for in a Spark Ad, as these are vital for great TikTok performance. We also made sure that creators were using actual in-app footage to make the app memorable to viewers. After testing some of them, we spotted that there was a short and engaging video that was outperforming everything we had tested before. In just 10 seconds, this creator conveyed the value and main benefits of the app in a fun and charming way.

Petit BamBou Case Study by Admiral Media

The results

The results speak for themselves. By now, the short video has over 34.6 million views and 208,000 likes on TikTok – which is simply astounding for a branded video. On the performance side, we managed to drop the CPI by 57% overall, even with a higher CPC! The key was the conversion rate from clicks to app installs, which increased by 170%. Yes, you read it right, it was 170% higher. 

Petit BamBou Case Study by Admiral Media

As a side note: you see in the graph above that the CPI starts increasing after a couple of weeks with great performance, however, it still stays below the previous CPI. This happens due to ad fatigue, and it’s normal behavior when the algorithm spends a lot of money on a creative.

Petit BamBou Case Study by Admiral Media

The science of repeating success

We believe that there’s a massive potential on TikTok, especially in the long term. Building a community, and providing them with engaging content, is key for building a brand asset on the platform.

So, how did we repeat the creative success for the same client?

We used the tool TikTok Creative Center to see and analyze what’s actually trending (Top Ads). There was a clear pattern in the best-performing creatives containing dynamic scenes, humor and an entertaining approach.

What we did

We established a deep connection between the creator and the end user by designing the creative to be focused on the entertaining aspect, using native features. Remember, native is key on TikTok.

The goal of the creative was to provide valuable information, explained in an entertaining TikTok way. We know that the attention span is very low, so we emphasized three key areas for the Spark Ad.

  • Dynamic scene transitions
  • Focus on the creator
  • Text overlay is done in TikTok, to supplement the native design
Petit BamBou Case Study by Admiral Media

Expanding to other geos

With our learnings from the winning creatives in France, we wanted to repeat the process in another country: Spain.

We already had data from previous campaigns, on the TikTok users in Spain, as well as who we’d like to target. Therefore, we used a creator, who’d be able to establish a strong relationship with the users.

We found a Spanish creative which has outperformed all of our other Spanish TikTok ads. The ad was in a campaign utilizing app-events optimization (AEO), optimizing towards users subscribing to a feature within the app. The goal of this creative was to provide information in a simple way and utilize the in-app features we wanted to highlight.

The three main criteria for the ad

  • A compelling hook to catch interest.
  • Enabling a relevant sound, to support the overall messaging while showing in-app features.
  • A clear CTA helping users on what action to take, at the end of the ad.
Petit BamBou Case Study by Admiral Media

Give your campaigns time (and budget)

One crucial factor to consider is the learning phase. As we were targeting a valuable lower funnel event, we knew that it’d be harder to generate signals and leverage from these. However, we believed in the TikTok algorithm being able to help us generate bottom-line results. Because TikTok’s AEO targeting will find users who have a greater chance of performing a certain event and we’ve seen its impact of it with other clients.

Key results

Compared to our other ES ads, this creative resulted in:

  • 16% decrease in CPC compared to our other ES ads
  • 21% increase in CVR 
  • 14% decrease in CPA
Petit BamBou Case Study by Admiral Media


We’ve seen it over and over again: content is key on TikTok. It is all about finding the sweet spot between:

  • What your audience wants to see
  • The expectations that your ads create
  • The landing page (the app store in this case) satisfying those expectations

When you hit the nail on the head, the results can be really, really great, and with the right focus, it’s possible to repeat creative successes.

TikTok is a fast-changing channel. This means: Finding that winning creative is a never-ending task. We always keep iterating on the creative that outperformed everything else and tests new concepts to keep up and get the best performance for our clients.

Petit BamBou Case Study by Admiral Media