Playable Ads

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DECA Games - DragonVale Case Study by Admiral Media

Creative excellence: How we increased Purchase volumes & lowered CPP

With increasing numbers of apps and online businesses, the digital marketing industry is booming, with every brand fighting for the virtual space to showcase their product or service. What’re more, apps face the additional challenge of requiring a download – an extra step that increases friction and uncertainty from the users’ perspective. This is where playable ads do their magic, they allow a taste of the product before going through the trouble of downloading an app. So, how can you achieve your performance goal using playable ads?

What are Playable Ads?

Playable ads are an animated and interactive ad format that gives the user the flavor of the app without the need to actually download it. They can get a sense and a real feeling about what they can expect. Of course, it is not all sun and roses, the experience will not be 100% real as the Playable ads have some technical limitations and the advertisers can’t show the real game on its whole, but it is a clear approximation to reality. On the other hand, it also gives the brand an opportunity to interact with its users in a unique way using HTML5 format.

Challenge and Goals

Our client DECA Games was focused on rapid growth and ambitious targets, so Admiral Media being their strategic partner helped them scale their UA across the globe and define high potential markets that give better returns at an effective cost. They were facing challenges in converting potential players in the highly competitive gaming landscape and we’re looking for innovative ways to capture their interest.

We used Playable ads to reduce the cost of in-app purchases and incentivize them to spend more. Three different concepts of Playable ads were used, where players can hatch and breed the Dragon and prepare them to compete in the race against others. These interactive formats gave potential players the promo of the app and helped them understand the game better.

Test scope

For the purpose of testing, we used Google Ads as our choice of network and targeted the US as it is one of the biggest mobile gaming markets across the globe with mobile game revenue for 2022 projected at $22.8 billion. The test was conducted on Android using English for a period of one month, in order to get good quality and strong data to draw our conclusions.

Higher volumes while cutting cost per purchase by 27% in the US Market

Playable format ad groups had a 3% higher number of purchases with a 12% lower spend compared to the ad groups with only video and text assets. When we compared the results for the cost per purchase coming from playable ad groups, we saw that the cost fell by 27% vs the other ad groups.

Creative excellence: How we increased Purchase volumes & lowered CPP

Playables got 52% of the total D7 purchases with only 44% of the total spend.

Creative excellence: How we increased Purchase volumes & lowered CPP


Mobile gaming is a highly competitive industry, and consistency in growth is only possible with continued creative testing and campaign optimization. Playable ads are another tool in the arsenal for marketers to stand out and increase performance. We were able to successfully devise a creative strategy that opened new paths for user acquisition for our client Deca Games, and we have been implementing other tailored creative solutions for different markets since.