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Scaling TikTok Ads for femtasy

How we scaled the spend from €0 to €30.000 per month, in just 5 months.

About Femtasy

femtasy is the world’s first audio-only streaming platform for females. They are liberating female pleasure one audio at a time and helping women to be their true selves.

As TikTok Marketing Partners we were pleased, when they reached out to us for guidance on scaling TikTok as a performance channel.


femtasy faced significant hurdles with ad approval and rejection on TikTok, which jeopardized their user acquisition (UA) campaigns.

The goal was not only to overcome these obstacles but also to demonstrate the effectiveness of TikTok as a viable advertising channel.


To address the persistent issues, we initiated a strategic overhaul by setting up a new ad account, specifically tailored for femtasy’s user acquisition campaigns in Germany.

Recognizing the critical need for a seamless launch, we implemented a rigorous pre-approval process for all landing pages and creatives. This preemptive approach ensured that all creatives were aligned with TikTok’s guidelines right from the outset.


The success of this initiative relied on collaboration. We coordinated closely with TikTok and femtasy’s teams. This synergy provided insights into initial pre-approval rejections, allowing us to refine strategies and prevent account blocks.

Conservative Content Creation

Initially, we adopted a conservative stance on content creation to mitigate risks. Our focus was on understanding the platform's algorithm and user preferences. This cautious approach helped us build a solid foundation and minimize potential setbacks.

Dynamic Content and Advertising Exploration

As we gained further insights, we shifted to dynamic and engaging content angles that capture the audience's attention. We also explored TikTok's full advertising capabilities, testing various campaign types—from lead generation to conversion-focused ads—and using features like Spark Ads, carousels, and Smart Creative Ads (SCA).


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Our meticulous planning and adaptive strategies paid off remarkably.

We achieved a near-perfect success rate in the pre-approval phase, which facilitated a smooth transition to live campaigns. Within just five months after building a brand new account, we scaled our advertising efforts from €0 to more than €30,000 per month while maintaining a positive return on ad spend (ROAS).

Notably, some of our creatives reached an impressive +6% click-through rate (CTR), a testament to their compelling appeal and relevance to the target audience.

This rapid growth not only underscored the efficacy of our revamped approach but also solidified TikTok as a key component of femtasy’s digital marketing ecosystem.


€0 to €30.000






Building on this momentum, our next objective is to amplify our success by scaling the monthly advertising spend to €100,000. With a proven framework in place and deeper insights into the platform’s dynamics, we are poised to explore new creative frontiers and further optimize our campaigns to maximize both reach and impact. 

Our success story on TikTok is not just about surpassing targets, it’s about setting new benchmarks in the mobile domain. This case study not only showcases our agency’s expertise but also serves as a valuable resource for those seeking insights on how to successfully leverage different channels in today’s User Acquisition world and the dynamic industry of mobile app advertising.