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App Name or Brand Name

  • For app names, we support 4-40 characters (latin) and 2-20 (asian characters)
  • For brand names, we support 2-20 characters (latin) and 1-10 (asian characters). Emojis cannot appear in the app name or brand name.
  • For descriptions, we support 12-100 characters (latin)
    and 6-50 (asian characters)


  • Resolution: ≥720*1280px, ≥640 x 640px, or ≥1280 x 720px
  • File type(recommended) : MP4, MOV, MPEG, 3gp, or GIF
  • Video file size: ≤500 MB
  • Length: 5-60s allowed. We suggest short videos of 9-15s.


  • Image ads are not recommended.



  • Combine interests
  • Create Lookalikes
  • Exclude your customers
  • Share creatives that connect with users, share tik toks
  • Use copy that goes with your tik tok
  • Optimise your account step by step
  • Include in the Ad “Tik Tok” lookalike sentences with emojis – look more organic
  • Always sound/ music on
  • Prevent overlapping
  • 15 sec max


  • Don’t use normal videos or images
  • Don’t compete with your own campaigns
  • Don’t use data from features that haven’t spent enough money
  • Don’t overlay your copy with your video text
  • Prevent overlapping, consider up and down TikTok spaces
  • Don’t use before & after comparison