Our Values

At Admiral Media we believe that our core business values should be shared with our customers.

Company values by Admiral Media

Sail, with values!


  • Listening enables us to develop ourselves and our team because
  • A person that is listening will be able to have better conclusions and therefore make better decisions
  • Working with the Admiral is a partnership: if we listen well we will not only hear but understand your challenges

Be passionate

  • We often hire people challenging their technical skillset, but what is far more important is passion
  • If you are passionate about your work and daily challenges you can develop any technical skill
  • A colleague who is passionate about his or her job will deliver greatest results
  • If you are passionate about your work you will share your motivation and knowledge with your colleagues and clients


  • If you are passionate about your job you will drive things home
  • We love people how love to be the first in new developments, new technology: early adopters are often the innovators
  • If you love driving things home you love owning a process end to end: you care about the result!
  • We encourage people to fail and stand up: we do not micromanage, we want our team to deliver and learn from failures


  • Collaboration drives team spirit, between ourselves as colleagues but also with our clients
  • We encourage our team to share knowledge and enable others: enablement drives innovation because people who understood a problem or new development will continue asking more questions!
  • If we collaborate we will listen better, will develop more passion for our own work, and will drive things home

Have Fun

  • We will enjoy our work if we follow the values above
  • If you enjoy your work you will deliver the best results
  • A joyful day at work will increase joy at home
  • We encourage our team to take time off, and enjoy time with friends and family

As you can see – all of our company values play an individual role but are tied together as well. We strive to perform and enjoy our work as a team and pass this enthusiasm on to you. At Admiral Media, we believe that our core business values should be shared with our customers.