Performance Based

Marketing Agency

Performance Based

Marketing Agency

At Admiral Media, we specialize in scaling user acquisition through app performance marketing. Our approach is rooted in honesty and data-driven strategies that deliver tangible results. 

With our holistic methodology, we provide a comprehensive solution that optimizes your app’s visibility, increases organic downloads, and boosts conversions. Our experienced performance team combines industry expertise with cutting-edge technology to drive sustainable growth for your app. 

Experience the difference of working with Admiral Media and unlock the full potential of your app’s success.

Performance Marketing Services

Drive results and achieve your marketing goals with our performance marketing services. Increase your user-base and maximize conversions through performance-tailored strategies on industry-leading networks such as META, TikTok, Google, ASA, and Snap. Scale your app, with the assistance of our performance marketing team.

Our Approach to Performance Marketing

Our Approach to Performance Marketing

As the mobile app market skyrockets with annual app downloads projected to reach an astonishing 258 billion by 2023.

The arena is colossal but also extremely saturated. Navigating through such a crowded landscape and making a mark is no simple task, especially for newcomers.

No matter your app’s nature – lifestyle, gaming, business, or utility – Admiral Media is your dedicated partner. We help you establish a distinct identity and ascend to new heights in this bustling market.

Our accomplished team of analysts, strategists, and content curators don’t just work with a wide range of media platforms, they master them. We use these platforms to boost your brand recognition, scale user acquisition, and drive your sales upward.

From the initial discovery and download to continued user engagement, Admiral Media stands by your side every step of the way on your growth journey

How Do We Scale?

At Admiral Media, our commitment is to drive exceptional results for our clients through a strategic, results-oriented approach.

Our dedicated team of marketing experts leverages industry-leading tools, advanced analytics, and deep insights into user behaviour to craft customized marketing strategies that yield measurable outcomes. We kick-start the process with comprehensive market research and competitor analysis to spot key opportunities for growth.

Using these insights, we develop data-driven campaigns that target the right audience at the right time, maximizing reach and engagement. Through our partnerships with top advertising networks and platforms like META, TikTok, Google, ASA, and Snap, we secure optimal visibility and growth for your app.

We don’t just set and forget. Throughout the campaign lifecycle, we continuously monitor and analyze performance metrics, making data-driven optimizations to maximize ROI. We proactively adapt strategies based on real-time insights, keeping you ahead of the curve for sustained success.

With Admiral Media, your app’s marketing efforts are in the hands of professionals who are not just experienced but dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

Experience the difference of our performance-driven approach and unlock the true potential of your app’s growth

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Performance Marketing FAQ’s

  • What is a performance marketing agency?

    A performance marketing agency is a type of digital marketing agency that specializes in outcome-based marketing campaigns. Our focus is on achieving your desired outcomes, whether that's boosting sales or increasing user acquisition. Utilizing an array of channels like Native Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, we tailor our approach based on your specific needs and industry, whether that's eCommerce, health and fitness or gaming.  We are adept at producing performance-driven creatives for both ads and product pages. Another cornerstone of our service is our proficiency in analytics and attribution. At Admiral Media, you get a performance marketing partner that don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk.
  • What does a performance marketing agency do?

    A performance marketing agency strategizes and executes digital marketing campaigns based on a client's specific goals, which are typically tied to measurable outcomes or actions.  As a performance marketing agency, we design and implement digital marketing campaigns based on measurable outcomes. We strategize, select appropriate marketing channels, create compelling ads, and monitor campaign progress. We use data analysis for tracking performance, optimizing the campaign in real-time, and providing insightful reports to clients. As a performance marketing agency, our goal is to ensure each action leads to a desired result, such as sales or downloads.
  • Is PPC performance marketing?

    Yes, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a form of performance marketing. In PPC campaigns, the advertiser only pays when a user clicks on their ad. This makes it a results-oriented strategy, aligning with the key principle of performance marketing, which is to achieve specific, measurable actions or outcomes.
  • Is performance marketing a SEO?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is genereally not considered to be a part of performance marketing. SEO strategies aim to organically improve a website's visibility on search engines like Google, which in turn can increase traffic, leads, conversions, and revenue – measurable outcomes that align with the goals of performance marketing.
    However, it's important to note that SEO is more of a long-term strategy compared to other performance marketing tactics like PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, which can yield immediate results. SEO takes time and consistent effort to show significant results, but it can provide sustained benefits over time.