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  • Use the most common and best performing keywords in titles

  • 30 character titles (website generic + website specific)

  • No punctuation needed in titles

  • In titles it is not possible to use special characters

  • It is also good to include titles that describe the offered product or service (advantages). Always try to fill in all the characters

  • CTA’s are a must

  • It is not possible to use special characters in descriptions such as ?!

  • 90 character descriptions

  • Always try to fill in all the characters

  • Try and explain what your company does, why should they buy your product and a call to action

  • Explain the advantages of your company

  • Include extensions

  • Combine 2 ads with 1 responsive ad

  • Include a short CTA

  • Structure your account perfectly

  • Optimise your account step by step

  • Test different kinds of products

  • Use keywords in your copy

  • Don’t leave empty character spaces!

  • Don’t leave an ad set that is not performing activated

  • Don’t use small letters for keywords in your copy

  • Don’t keep keywords that are not performing paused (or active), neutralise them

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