With YouTube ads, you can reach potential customers and have them take action when they watch or search for videos on YouTube.

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  • Make sure that your videos get approved in all sequence steps

  • Use the correct bidding strategy

  • Check out all subtypes and use videos of all lengths

  • Vertical Ads are only eligible to serve with Mobile and Tablet Devices

  • For sequences, use skippable ads and don’t pay if they don’t watch a part of it

  • To start testing, use broad audiences to gather data quickly

  • Increasing the bid makes the ads more competitive and win auctions

  • Widening the targeting will also help the campaign to reach more users

  • Don’t use vertical ads for Desktop

  • Don’t use CPM bidding with a low budget

  • Avoid disapproved videos and copies in different steps of sequence video campaigns

  • Vertical videos only get seen on certain devices, so don’t only use this size format

  • Don’t use 30 second creatives for bumper ads, they won’t generate anything