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Andre Kempe,


Admiral Media,

Dec 7, 2020

Admiral Media won the BEST TIKTOK CAMPAIGN AWARD at App Growth Awards 2020!

We are greatly pleased and super proud to receive THE BEST TIKTOK CAMPAIGN AWARD this year at App Growth Awards by App Promotion Summit!

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Special thanks to the entire Bonial & kaufDA teams, as without them, we couldn’t make this happen!

In case you missed our award-winning ‘1000% growth for kaufDA’ case, check it out here!



We had the challenge to encourage app downloads and increase kaufDA’s user base to ensure a profitable business in the long run. In order to succeed we had to find the best and fastest scaling user acquisition channel and strategy for the app.


Performance marketing on TikTok requires a specific strategy to attract a kaufDAs audience. After initial tests with in-house produced creatives, we decided to acquire content from TikTok influencers. We tested various communication strategies & were able to identify the 2 main performing approaches very quickly:
1. Inspiring, authentic & good-quality content for the shopping-lovers.
2. Targeting an audience that matches the persona of the typical kaufDA user.


Within 1 month we generated almost 70 Million Impressions in Germany and:

  • Increased user growth by 1000% in one specific day (+731% overall comparing regular ads vs. creators ads)
  • Generated an overall 146% growth in user activity comparing regular ads vs. creator ads.
  • Decreased CPI by 18%

Good content really makes a difference. We saw a measurable difference between regular creatives and influencer creatives. Also, the engagement rate per impression was much higher, and the CPI much lower.

Traditional ads vs. content creator ads lead to:

  1. Increased growth by 1000% in one specific day
  2. 731% user growth overall
  3. 146% growth in user activity

*Within 1 month, 70 Million Impressions, Germany, Android, and iOS

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