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Corona’s impact on the mobile app industry part II

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Update 03/19/2020

Following up our Covid-19 special – you can read the first article here – and after our live event on the 17th of March on Facebook Corona: Win or Loss for your app business” we gathered further information and fresh data from some of our industry friends on the impact of the Corona virus on their very own business – and you can imagine, for some of them it is dramatic, in both directions.

Below an example from the education sector. The data is clearly following the real-life situation. In Spain on the 12th of March Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that all educational centres would close for two weeks and effectively they are from 16th of March. While in the US as well from 16th of March public and private schools are closed currently across 26 states.

DSP ad request data

More data that we received from Tim Koschalla, the founder of Kayzen, a fast growing DSP based in Berlin, specifically shows some changes for ad auctions on Mopub and Google Adx. The pattern of ad auctions shows a clear trend now, particularly over the last few days we can recognize a dramatic spike in ad auctions. Google Adx looks more stable but it’s just because the intra-day data points make it look volatile, which is essentially just normal day / night fluctuation.

Mopub Ad Auctions during Corona


Google Adx Ad requests

Games are the biggest winners

Another interesting and probably the most impressive example which we received from Kayzen is from the famous Plague Inc. Game which shows daily ad requests (a proxy for daily in app ad impressions) from January 2020 till 15th of March on their Android app, globally. The data shows high fluctuation during the last week (7-15th of March) but what’s most important is the ten fold growth from 10 Million daily ad requests to 100M daily ad requests. These guys must be printing money right now.


Massive ad requests increase for Plague Inc Game

Thanks to our friends from Dynamo Partners we were also able to obtain some further data, eg. about the public transportation sector. The metrics show weekly sessions for one major city. Two updates lead to an increase in usage, which dropped back to normal average in the week of 24th of February. Then in the week starting from 2nd of March, sessions start to drop and in the week starting from 16th March, since when people are urged to work from home, usage drops even further due to less work and school related commuting. Expected impact is that the usage will be around 20% of normal average during the crisis. 




Another interesting example from Italy, from the classifieds platform category. The data we see is in line with the real life situation, during the week starting 1st of March, some regions were declared „red zones“ in Italy, schools and universities were shut down and ultimately as of 9th of March, the whole country was on lockdown. The expected impact: usage will drop even further, if lockdown continues.


And last but not least data from Austria, as well from the classifieds platform category. In Austria the nationwide lockdown was introduced on the 16th of March. The expected impact is that the usage will drop even further, if lockdown continues.  

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