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Senior ASO Specialist,

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Apr 3, 2024

Enhancing ASO: Promoting apps during spring events and holidays

Forget what you know about app seasons: Spring 2024 is a game-changer.

Spring events and holidays offer great opportunities to get your app or game noticed in mobile stores. In this piece, we dive into the spring of 2024, offering tips on how to leverage these special days. 

You can see our April and May 2024 event and holiday calendar right here.

April and May 2024 event and holiday calendar for apps ASO

Let’s break down each of these festivities according to the app category that can boost their visibility around this time of the year.

World Art Day

Art and design apps.

  • World Art Day is the perfect time to shine for apps focused on design and art. Why not host a World Art Day Challenge? Encourage your users to get creative, design something unique, and share their masterpieces on social media with a shout out to your app. It’s a fun way to boost engagement and visibility. 
  • Tempt your users with premium features like exclusive art styles, fonts, or extra design elements at a special price. You can make World Art Day a great experience for your app community!

An example of promotional content in the Apple Store and Google Play An example of promotional content in the Apple Store and Google Play









Example of promotional content in the Apple Store (left, images 1 and 2) and Google Play (right, images 3 to 6).

Note: The metadata for your in-app events and any promotions for in-app purchases are indexed by the App Store. This means that your efforts not only engage your current users but can also improve your app’s visibility and ranking, attracting new users.

Education and self-development apps

  • Word Art Day can be used for teaching and inspiration. You can help your users see the app’s value, and promote it among students, teachers, and anyone striving for creative development.
  • Offer educational content packs, tutorials, or advanced word art techniques as promoted IAPs. Focus on users who seek self-improvement and learning opportunities. Add keywords to titles and descriptions for promoted in-app purchases to improve positions.

An example of the Daily Art app using spring events to promote their in-app content with In-app events. An example of the Daily Art app using spring events to promote their in-app content with In-app events.









An example of the Daily Art app
using spring events to promote
their in-app content with In-app events.





Note: Launching in-app events can significantly affect how users perceive your app, as these events are highlighted in search results and directly on your app’s page.

World Ovarian Cancer Day

Women Health and other apps in the Health category

According to the report of Enterprise App Today, the global mobile health apps market value was USD 68.26 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach USD 360.30 billion by 2033.

At the same time, the global women’s health app market was valued at US$ 3.14 billion in 2023 and is forecasted to reach US$ 9.27 billion by 2030, Coherent Market Insights states.

The women’s health apps category has a wide variety of sub-niches. Here you can find a chart of global women’s health app market share (%), by type for 2023. All these apps can use different events connected to health to use them as another occasion to interact with users, attracting them to engage with the app and increase the key metrics.

Global women's health app market share (%), by type for 2023

Global women’s health app market share (%), by type for 2023

Thus, World Ovarian Cancer Day can become not only a reason to pay attention to one’s health but also a way to show how your app can help users, for example:

  • Publish educational content related to World Ovarian Cancer Day and promote it through in-app events, creating an additional reason for users to engage with the app. Highlight the app’s benefits for users and show that you care about them.
  • Explain in screenshots or videos exactly how the features of your app can help users take care of themselves and what user problems they can solve.
  • Work with localizations. Different health issues are more or less prevalent in different regions. Additional analysis may show that you should focus your promotional efforts on a specific region.

Vacation season 

Generally, people start planning their vacations at various times throughout the year, often depending on their destination and personal schedules. 

Travel and vacation apps

If your app falls under the Travel category, consider spring as the time to prepare materials for promoting your app. According to the report, the number of installs and the time spent in Travel category apps in 2023 exceeded the figures for 2022 by 13% and 24%, respectively.

Moreover, according to the Adjust report, an increase in the number of installs and sessions of Travel category apps could be observed in June 2022 and 2023.

Ideas for app promotion:

  • Align with trends: add an AI helper that will plan a vacation and use In-app Events to announce a major app update, featuring this function in the picture and adding suitable keys with a big traffic volume. 
  • Share useful content for travel planning: top 10 destinations of this summer, best beaches, or hikes, etc. in seasonal in-app events or for in-app purchase promotions. 
  • Tell users about early-bird tickets or discounts to popular destinations with special offers in Promotional text. 

Note: Promotional text is added to the specific field that can contain 170 characters. The advantage of this field is that it can be changed without the app update. 

Here is an example of how Promotional text can be seen – under the screenshots and before the Description. 

Fitness apps

Apps in the Health and Fitness category may also want to take note of the upcoming vacation season to attract more users. Here is the report, according to which it can be seen that over the years, users are spending increasingly more on applications in the Health and Fitness category

How to use vacation season coming to promote the app in the app store:

  • Select workout programs or exercises that will help users prepare for the vacation season. Feature them in the first screenshots.
  • Keep in mind that users like to go on vacations in different ways: some enjoy sunbathing by the sea, while others prefer more active activities such as hiking, kayaking, or mountain trekking. Use your app’s content to show how you can help users have a good rest and stay safe, for example, on their first mountain hike. Test different concepts with A/B testing to better understand your audience.
  • Find thematic keywords whose popularity may grow during the season, and use them in your app’s metadata.
  • Segment your target audience and create custom product pages to increase the conversion rate from ads to downloads without losing users coming from the search.















These are examples of how to highlight features and how helpful it can be for users, right in the 1st screenshot.


Spring events and holidays offer opportunities for promoting mobile apps and games, enhancing their visibility and optimization in app stores. By employing strategic ASO campaigns, developers can significantly increase user engagement and conversion by offering relevant content and promotions tied to these events. From educational materials to health and travel, every app can find a way to connect with its audience, emphasizing the relevance and value of its offerings.

Remember, well-planned and executed in-app events can not only boost brand recognition but also lead to long-term success in the mobile app world.

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