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Frequently Asked Questions

How to advertise a premium Snapchat?

Snapchat premium is a great thing. The subscription of Snapchat premium ranges from $10-50 a month. Repetitive customers add a huge amount to the revenue. If you’re a cam girl or a model, and you’re not on Snapchat yet, then it is important that you get that subscription as soon as possible. The monthly income of a cam girl can be doubled by just offering one Snapchat. This huge potential makes it a feature not to be ignored by adult online models. 

An important way of advertising your Snapchat premium is to do scream and run with other models. In this, your account will be promoted by them. The method is reliable but takes a long to work in creating meaningful followers. Another important way of promoting your Snapchat premium is to become a model and promote your Snapchat premium on chatbot. The reason is, that it is the largest site for cam models in terms of public traffic. A lot of people will be seeing you. People love free Snapchat accounts. All you have to do is to post the name of your Snapchat premium and BOOM. Your followers will boost in a matter of days.


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