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Frequently Asked Questions

How to advertise Amazon products on Snapchat?

A smart business move was made by Snap Inc. The company is about to introduce a product search tool for Amazon involving a Snapchat camera. So, in the future, it will be possible to advertise your Amazon products on Snapchat.

But the question is, how will it work?

This visual tool will be very easy to use. Users will point their cameras at the product or its barcode and long-press on the screen of the camera, an Amazon card will show up. It will contain the link for that specific item or those items that are similar to it and are listed on Amazon. Although it will not be a simple process still Snapchat is willing to boost the sales of Amazon.

There are many sellers which do not sell on Amazon but use Snapchat. They will be introduced to Amazon in this way and can use it to fulfill their selling needs. However, it is still unclear whether those businesses who are paying Amazon to improve their sales will be benefitted from this feature or not.

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