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How automation changes the life of advertisers

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An online interview series was recorded by Andre Kempe from Admiral Media and Tim Koschella from Kayzen.

The discussions are covering 4 “hot” topics:

  • The future of mobile campaign managers’ day to day work
  • The creatives, as the only “lever” that is not entirely optimized by algorithms
  • The upcoming removal of default access to the IDFA (via iOS14) 
  • The possible future of advertising after the removal of IDFA 

Check the videos below, and as always, curious to hear what you are thinking! 


I. Role of Mobile Campaign Managers


In the first episode, Andre & Time talk about the role of campaign managers nowadays where so much of the optimization is done exclusively by algorithms. Many advertisement platforms are largely automated. The most popular ones like Google and Facebook, are making their ad products more and more automated (e.g. “Facebook AAA” and “Google UAC”). The degree of automation in programmatic is much lower though. The benefit of this is that you still have a lot of control over the campaign management process. In a post iOS 14 / IDFA world, where campaigns will depend more on campaign management skills, this will likely help advertisers better succeed on programmatic.



II. Use of Creatives


Are creatives the only “lever” that is not entirely optimized by algorithms? André believes creativity plays a massive role in the performance marketing industry and yet we somehow found ourselves focusing almost solely on the analytical side. But algorithms – as sophisticated as they are – can‘t predict everything. When we talk about marketing and branding, algorithms can never replace humans in 2 fundamental ways:

  1. Making creatives for the campaigns
  2. Taking discretionary decisions

Thus, campaign managers need to combine analytical and data-minded approaches with qualitative judgment in order to make the right decisions. After all, the human attributes keep the campaign management job relevant in this age of automation.



III. iOS 14 & IDFAs Impact


The upcoming removal of default access to the IDFA (via iOS14) is causing a lot of turmoil and disruption in the mobile ad industry. Andre states that it could create a devil’s circle by forcing publishers to find alternate ways to monetize their apps or games, which would limit the inventory for advertisers thereby effectively shrinking the size of the mobile ad market. Check below the entire discussion on how it‘s going to affect the mobile ad-tech industry. 



IV. Devices – Campaign Management


In this video, Andre and Tim discussed the possible future of advertising after the removal of IDFA by iOS14. Here are some thoughts they had on this topic: 

  • Advertisers will need to get creative with the limited information they can pull
  • The comeback of humans: we will see more involvement of humans to make granular optimizations in campaigns
  • Apple paving its way into the in-app ads market (beyond Apple Search Ads), will it really happen?


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