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Debora Paladino,

Creative Lead,

Admiral Media,

Aug 29, 2023

Instagram Is Leading in Creator Engagement and Ad Performance

Even though TikTok is actively challenging Instagram and trying to outperform it as the most popular social media app among advertisers, by the majority of indicators, Instagram is still the king.

Recent report by the research firm Mavrck shows that Instagram is still the top choice for content creators by far. According to the report, 98% of all social media content creators use Instagram’s Reels, feed posts, and Stories to present their content to the audience.


They also predict that 60% of all social media users in the U.S. will use Instagram this year, noting that Instagram continues to be the top choice in creator engagement for influencer marketing, demonstrating its effectiveness both for creators generating substantial income through partnerships, and brands that are able to reach a broad audience with their marketing content.

Instagram Reels outperforming other content types

The statement made by Mavrck’s study is supported by another research, this time done by Emplifi. According to their new report titled “Unleashing the Power of Video: Key Trends Driving Social Media Engagement,” in the second quarter of 2023 Instagram Reels outperformed all other content types on social apps. This ad format has generated 55% more interactions than Instagram single-image posts and 29% more than standard video posts.

“Because the social media landscape is evolving and changing at such a rapid pace, it’s crucial marketers have access to insights that can help them earn the biggest bang for their marketing bucks. A key insight from this report is that despite an ongoing decline in engagement on Instagram last quarter, the platform still delivers the highest engagement rates for brands compared to Facebook and Twitter,” said Zarnaz Arlia, CMO at Emplifi.

Researchers also note that right now, Instagram Reels account for only 11% of all Instagram ads. Considering the information above, they expect brands’ usage of Instagram Reels to soar in 2023 and further ahead.

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