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Jul 13, 2023

Meta’s Threads, Reinventing Text-Based Social Networking

As the fastest app to generate 100 million signups, it is no secret that the platform has had an excellent start. Meta launched Threads, a Twitter-inspired messaging platform, that aims to redefine text-based social networking, presenting significant opportunities for brands. We, as advertisers, must wait a bit, if we listen to Zuck’s latest thread.

With Threads, Meta aims to reshape how users connect and communicate while significantly disrupting the social media context. 

Mark Zuckerber's thread on monetizing Threads

Thread from Mark Zuckerberg

Threads raising the bar

On July 6, 2023, Meta officially introduced Threads to the global market, marking the social media giant’s strategic venture into the world of text-based social networking. Boasting an impressive 100 million downloads within the first five days of launch, Threads shows promising signs of acceptance and popularity among users. Positioned as a rival to Twitter, the app brings a fresh perspective to digital communication, capitalizing on Twitter’s user discontent following recent changes under Elon Musk’s leadership.

What are Threads’ Key Features?

Threads present a robust array of features that resonate with the current generation of social media users. The app enables individuals to post messages up to 500 characters long, providing a platform for expressive and creative communication. 

Beyond text, Threads supports the sharing of links, photos, and videos, with videos extending up to five minutes. The unique feature of Threads lies in its seamless connection with Instagram, allowing users to transition their Instagram handles and followers to the new platform.

Furthermore, Meta has paid attention to enabling productive conversations, equipping users with the tools to manage who mentions or replies to them on the app. This, along with filtering capabilities to remove unwanted replies, emphasizes the company’s commitment to creating a positive and safe user environment.

  • Message Length:
    Threads enable individuals to post messages up to 500 characters long. This feature allows for succinct yet expressive communication, reminiscent of the brevity offered by Twitter but with a more generous character limit.
  • Media Sharing: Apart from text, Threads supports the sharing of a variety of multimedia content including links, photos, and videos, with videos having a duration limit of up to five minutes. This integration of diverse media types fosters a rich, engaging user experience.
  • Instagram Integration:
    One of the unique features of Threads lies in its seamless connectivity with Instagram. Users can effortlessly transition their Instagram handles and followers to Threads, allowing for a smooth and familiar start on the new platform.
  • Decentralized Technology:
    Threads is designed to incorporate decentralized technology, specifically ActivityPub. This feature allows for greater user control over data and potential integration with other apps that use the same protocol, further enhancing the user experience.
  • Productive Conversations:
    Meta has equipped Threads with tools to enable positive and productive conversations. Users have the ability to manage who mentions or replies to them on the app. They can also filter out unwanted replies, thus maintaining a positive and safe environment.
  • Content Distribution Control:
    Threads allow users to share posts via the app’s story feature, as well as across other platforms of their choice. This cross-platform sharing feature provides users with greater flexibility and control over their content distribution.

Instagram Threads screenshots

In its design and functionality, Threads places the user at the heart of the experience. It blends the strengths of existing platforms while introducing novel features, making it a compelling choice for the contemporary social media user. The thoughtful incorporation of these features reflects Meta’s commitment to creating a user-centric platform that aligns with evolving communication trends.

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Threads’ Implications for the Social Media Ecosystem

The debut of Threads is likely to have far-reaching implications for the social media industry. With its novel features and strong integration with Instagram, Threads is poised to be a serious competitor.

One of the primary implications of Threads’ entry into the market is the potential disruption to the user base of existing social media platforms, particularly Twitter. The contentious policies enacted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Twitter’s owner, have resulted in users looking for alternatives. Threads is well-positioned to absorb this migration, with its similar aesthetics and user experience.

Mark Zuckerberg Vs. Elon Musk


Decentralized Simultaneously, the application’s planned adoption of the decentralized networking protocol ActivityPub suggests a broader shift towards decentralized social media platforms. As more platforms adopt this technology, the data ownership and privacy landscape could be significantly reshaped, posing new challenges and opportunities for other players in the space.



Furthermore, Threads’ hybrid text and multimedia format opens up new avenues for content creation and sharing. This new dynamic could prompt other social media platforms to review their strategies and adapt their content-sharing mechanisms, which could potentially lead to more diversified and rich content across all social media platforms.


Cross PlatformThe integrated cross-platform sharing feature of Threads also signals an industry shift towards a more seamless social media experience. This could push other social media networks to develop features that enhance interoperability between platforms. The result could be a more connected and coherent social media ecosystem.


AdversitingLastly, Threads’ launch could instigate a shift in online advertising strategies. Given the potential for Threads to gain significant user base traction, advertisers and brands might be compelled to realign their strategies to incorporate this new platform.


How is Threads different from Twitter? (Table comparison)

Feature Twitter Threads
Editing Available for premium users Not available
Web version Available Not available
Hashtags Available Not available
Feed Structure “For You” and “Following” Single feed
Direct Messaging Available Not available
Post Limit 240 characters 500 characters
Video Limit Up to 2 min, 20 sec Up to 5 min
Lists Available Not available
Bookmarks Available Not available
Subscription Service Twitter Blue Not yet available
Advert Systems Available Not yet available
API Available Not yet available
Sign-up Ease Traditional Sign-up Via Instagram (U.S)
Advertising Available Not yet available

Threads’ Opportunities for Brands and Advertisers

Threads opens up a new frontier for brand promotion and advertising. With its Instagram integration, Threads provides a pathway to Instagram’s enormous user base, presenting a golden opportunity for advertisers to extend their reach. Our take is that the Threads platform would be integrated into the Facebook Ads Manager, as a placement advertisers could choose to serve their ads on.

Threads empower brands to connect with their existing followers in a new channel while also enabling them to reach out to potential new customers. This interconnectivity across platforms allows brands to seamlessly share content, creating a unified and consistent brand message.

Moreover, the focus on text-based content offers a novel approach for brands to engage with their audience. It allows brands to harness the power of words, drive meaningful conversations, and foster deeper connections with their audience.

Collecting the Threads: Conclusion 

Threads, the new entrant in Meta’s social media portfolio, marks a significant step in the evolution of text-based social networking. This app not only reflects Meta’s relentless drive for omnichannel user experience but also reveals its strategic intent to capture a broader spectrum of the social media market. 

As with any new Meta’s Social Platform, the success of Threads will ultimately hinge on how well it caters to user needs and expectations. Regardless, with its array of features and vast potential for brand engagement, Threads undoubtedly stands as a game-changer in the social media environment.

It is evident that Threads represents Meta’s ambitious bid to create an interconnected and decentralized social media space for users.

As such, it will be interesting to see how this new platform unfolds and influences the trajectory of social networking in the future.

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