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Oct 21, 2022

Role of Mobile Campaign Managers – with Andre Kempe & Tim Koschella

Role of Mobile Campaign Managers


Tim Koschella : Hey everyone. I’m back again today with Andre Kempe Kempe a longstanding industry friend who is I think current in Spain. I’m here in Berlin so we do this over a shared screen call and it’s a new experiment. And what we want to talk about is, or what I want to ask you, Andre Kempe actually is what is the role of a mobile campaign manager today? How has it evolved from the last couple of years and where will it go in the future?

Andre Kempe: Okay. This could be a long story, how it started from manual copy-pasting and Excel files and adjusting CRMs manually by 10% or something like that across multiple campaigns and assets whatsoever to where we are today when Google is fully automated, we just changed some texts and images. Maybe we add a few countries here and there or something like that. Facebook coming up with automated app ads as well. And the question now, actually, as campaign managers, let’s say on the operations is what are we supposed to do if everything gets automated? But then on the flip side, we do have this development on the programmatic side where you could do so many things in every little detail or thinking of iOS 14 coming up with its limitations, that we all will see. It’s a very open question to the industry.

Tim Koschella : Let me ask you a question. I’m curious, five years ago, or like seven years ago, what would be the average budget a mobile campaign manager could manage per month roughly? And what is the budget you think one campaign manager, smart let’s say in both cases, we talked about a smart, well-trained campaign manager can handle?

Andre Kempe: This is a mean question. It really depends on basically two factors. Like first, how brave is the campaign manager?

Tim Koschella : Let’s talk about the brave one.

Andre Kempe: And how deep into the actual campaigns is the client thinking from a either agency perspective or insight when it’s being managed in-house. How smart is your boss? How good are you in hiding your numbers in a massive report or something like that? But overall, I would say campaign manager can easily handle, I don’t know, 5 million plus across multiple networks, including self-executing networks a month.

Tim Koschella : That’s 60 million a year. That’s massive for one person to handle.

Andre Kempe: It really depends on how complex your advertising is. And how many targets to test? How many ABs you put in? Does it include a little bit of brand budgets or not? So there are lots of factors.

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