On March 9th we had the privilege to be in Madrid, hosting the UA BREWMASTERS, an event that brought together some of the top mobile marketing experts in the industry. It was a truly learning and engaging experience for every single attendee, speaker, and event organizer. Not only we got to learn insights from amazing speakers who proved to be some of the most talented experts in the mobile app industry. But also we got to meet and greet in a strongly empowering networking session.

Claudia Trujillo ASO Expert at Gameloft shared insights on how to sync up ASO & UA. Thomas Petit, one of the most recognized Growth Consultants, gave some lessons learned since ATT and made predictions for what’s ahead for 2023. Alptuğ İKA, Head of ASA Client Partners at SearchAds.com talked about Apple Search Ads’ best practices for 2023. Tobias Boerner, CMO at Fastic had some interesting insights on User Acquisition and how to grow a 10 times user base with better user onboarding, sharing lots of insights on how he approaches this process. And last but definitely not least, Jeff Grang, Co-founder and CPO of Purchasely displayed some advanced techniques to improve the subscription funnel.

André Kempe – Admiral Media

Here are some words of our CEO, Founder, and captain of the Admiral boat, André Kempe that summarize the impact of this knowledge-sharing showdown.

Also, here are a few bits of their amazing presentations that left part of the audience in awe. And we include ourselves in this lucky group.

Claudia Trujillo – Gameloft

“Both iOS and Google Play have alternatives for landing pages outside of what would be the original store listing from an ASO system point” – Claudia Trujillo ASO Expert at Gameloft.

Alptuğ İKA – SearchAds.com

65% of downloads occur after a direct search and still the majority of this traffic is affected by ASO […] ASO and ASA are collaborative strategies and there is a huge potential in terms of download” – Alptuğ İKA – Head of ASA Client Partners at SearchAds.com.

Thomas Petit – Growth Consultant

Historically, gaming was 70+% of store revenue. Non- Gaming are now half od the store revenue” – Thomas Petit – Growth Consultant

Tobias Boerner – Fastic

At the onboarding, we must explain a bit the advantages, what’s in the app, why we need all that information. The reason we are doing that is that when users are just clicking just to get to the end they’ll probably get the wrong plan. We explain every step to get accurate data.” – Tobias Boerner – CMO at Fastic – “User Acquisition and how to grow 10X with better user onboarding“.

Jeff Grang – Purchasely

There is no one subscription funnel, there are a lot of them.” – Jeff Grang – Co-founder and CPO at Purchasely.

It was a pleasure to be part of the organization, a true brewmaster’s delight. We can’t wait for next year’s event. Where will the Admiral ship take us to? We are open to suggestions!

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