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Since the beginning of our work with Admiral Media, we have seen only one direction: upwards, with an exponential user growth of 500% each month so far – on a global scale.” Phillip, CMO, Fastic GmbH

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We Ship Performance

We Ship Performance

Admiral Media is a highly specialized performance marketing & mobile app marketing agency. For more than 10 years, we are helping apps and eCommerce brands to grow their user base. We successfully manage their global performance marketing campaigns across all digital marketing channels. You can benefit from a holistic and modern marketing approach that fits your needs.



We work with a great analytics setup to deliver the best ROAS and scale. We help you get started, but also develop a custom-made reporting for your app ads based on Big Query & Tableau.

Performance Marketing

Your great digital content deserves to be found. We make sure you get your marketing outcomes by gaining traffic and increasing conversions.

Paid Social

Whether you need immediate operational support on your Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat campaigns or even if you just need an audit of your accounts to challenge your marketing team – we are here for you.


It all starts with a strategy. We won’t spend your marketing budget until we tell you if there is a true chance to either add value, scale your user growth or generate ROAS for your current business setup.

Native Advertising

We create a native advertising strategy for you and define all relevant KPI’s. With the right choice of format, network and content, we set up, support and optimize existing and new campaigns for you.

Creative Services

From web banners to animated video production – we brainstorm ideas and bring them to life. Whatever it takes to boost your app, brand, product, or service – have a look at our work and see how we make your app glow.

Influencer Marketing

Regardless of working with micro-influencers or reach-influencers, we make sure the content you get will encourage downloads and translates into higher user base. Click here to learn more about our approach.

Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising allows you to directly display your paid ads among the search results on various search engines. We can help you get the most out of web and app store search ads.




How Admiral Can Help You Scale

Great success comes from hard work and smart decisions. Sometimes you fail, but we treat failures as success – analyze and improve for next time. Our performance and creative teams live and breathe your values and want you to scale and succeed. Looking for proof?

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“With the team of the Admiral, we were able to scale our paid social spend by more than 200% while achieving our target ROAS!”

Co-founder, NeuroNation


“They always know the current best practices and are able to stay ahead of the curve.”

Head of Performance Marketing, TIER Mobility


“They can quickly and effectively analyze the performance of a campaign and come up with new ideas to meet our goals.”

Juan Gutter
Performance Marketing Lead, Glovo


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When is it recommended to start mobile app marketing activities?2022-08-19T10:56:53+00:00

It is recommended to start your mobile app marketing activities before launching a product. This stage is meant for product visibility and brand awareness. How can you target users for discovering your mobile app? This is something every app developer needs to consider from the start.

Before you start the awareness stage, you must have a complete understanding of your brand positioning and messaging. The values and purpose of a brand help it to resonate with its customers instead of individual product features. A thorough explanation of the position of a brand helps the user to interact with the product at a deeper level. 

It is mandatory to do detailed market research before you develop your app. It is in vain to develop an app that provides a solution to a problem that already has its solution available in the market. But you also need to spend time considering how you will market the app, and which channels will help you reach your audience.  

Why is mobile app marketing important?2022-08-19T10:56:32+00:00

Brands are benefitting a lot in this digital world. Mobile app marketing is very essential for surging the growth of a brand on the app store charts. Mobile app marketing is important because:

  • A strong brand image is built:

Mobile app marketing provides advantageous marketing to scale and support a brand’s image on digital media. It catches the audience’s attention. 

  • Increasing the reach:

With the use of the right strategies, mobile app marketing helps you in targeting the right audience, so it helps in increasing the reach of a brand.

  • Enhancing user engagement:

To keep your audience engaged, use modern ads and intriguing visuals. It is considered a turning point because how many sales a brand will generate in the future can be predicted through this. 

  • Analyze campaign for data collection:

Campaigns are launched to check various strategies. Data is collected and analysis is done to check what to avoid and what to work on.

  • Boost sales:

After compiling the results of various campaigns, mobile app marketers become aware of which strategies work and which ones they have to avoid. This results in a more innovative product, and they only adopt those strategies that go well with the nature of the product.

What is a mobile app marketing plan?2022-08-19T10:57:27+00:00

A mobile app marketing plan is a complete strategy that includes extensive and thorough research to help you in understanding the needs and demands of your customers. A mobile app marketing plan is an essential component of a long-term success plan. 

The main agenda of this strategy is to ensure that your app reaches the right target audience. This helps you in retaining customers in a huge competitive market. This can be accomplished by measuring a variety of different metrics.

Should I hire an app marketing company?2022-08-19T10:58:10+00:00

It is a better approach to hire an app marketing company to reach your target audience while taking care of your budget. It is better to hire an app marketing company at the early stages of an app to devise strategies together. 

If you hire a good app marketing agency, you are more likely to get a boost in your traffic and sales because they know when and where to hit. If you haven’t spent anything on marketing yet, it is better to hire an agency to utilize your budget in an efficient way.

App marketing agencies keep in mind the vision behind building an application. They also know about the benefits to customers and selling points. A solid strategy is needed for you to compete in a highly competitive market to market your app. App marketing agencies provide you with knowledge to fill the gaps because they have experience working with many different apps and marketing channels. So, if you are thinking about building an app, then get in touch with an app marketing agency now to help you reach your growth targets.

How to choose the best mobile app marketing agency?2022-08-19T10:58:39+00:00

It is important to be aware of the factors that are important and must be considered in choosing the best mobile app marketing agency. 

The key factors are:

  • Reliability
  • Communication
  • Results
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