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Andre Kempe,


Admiral Media,

Apr 8, 2023

6 Exciting New Features in Reddit Ads Manager: A Paid Campaign Manager’s Perspective

We are thrilled to learn about the recent release of six new features in Reddit Ads Manager. These enhancements have the potential to significantly impact our clients’ strategies and budgets. Let’s dive into each feature and examine its benefits and implications.

New targeting options for interests and subreddits

The introduction of more granular targeting options will enable us to reach highly relevant audiences. As well as boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of our campaigns. By targeting users based on their interests and subreddits, we can tailor our messaging to resonate with specific communities. Ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and better ROI for our clients.

New ad formats: Carousel Ads and Video Ads

The addition of Carousel Ads and Video Ads will provide us with more creative opportunities to showcase our clients’ products and services. Carousel Ads allow us to feature multiple images or videos within a single ad, enabling us to tell a more comprehensive story. Video Ads, on the other hand, can help us capture the audience’s attention and drive higher engagement. Both formats can potentially improve campaign performance and offer a better user experience.

More robust reporting and insights

With improved reporting features, we’ll have access to more valuable data on our campaigns’ performance. Enhanced insights can help us make more informed decisions and optimize our strategies, ultimately leading to better results for our clients. Additionally, having more robust reporting capabilities will facilitate transparent communication with our clients, keeping them informed and confident in our management.

Bulk editing and management tools

The new bulk editing and management tools will save us time and effort by streamlining the campaign management process. Being able to make adjustments and optimizations in bulk will enable us to work more efficiently and allocate our time and resources more effectively. This will directly benefit our clients, as we can focus on strategy development and performance optimization.

Enhanced campaign scheduling

The ability to schedule campaigns more flexibly will give us greater control over our clients’ ad spend. By scheduling ads during optimal times, we can maximize reach and engagement while minimizing costs. Furthermore, this feature will allow us to better align our campaigns with our clients’ marketing strategies and goals.

Conversion tracking and optimization

With the introduction of conversion tracking and optimization, we can now better measure the success of our campaigns and adjust our strategies accordingly. This feature will allow us to determine which ads are driving the most conversions, helping us to allocate our clients’ budgets more effectively and make data-driven decisions.


In conclusion, these six new features in Reddit Ads Manager have the potential to greatly impact our clients’ paid media strategies and budgets. By leveraging these enhancements, we can optimize our campaigns to improve performance and user experience. aAnd ultimately achieve better ROI for our clients. At Admiral Media, we are eager to explore and incorporate these new features into our clients’ campaigns. As well as to witness the positive results they can bring.

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