Andre Kempe,


Admiral Media,

Apr 6, 2023

Boost Brand Awareness and Conversions with Google’s Product Feeds for Discovery Ads

The digital landscape continues to evolve, providing brands with numerous opportunities to engage with potential customers. As an app performance marketing agency, we understand the importance of striking a balance between branding and conversion strategies. Google’s introduction of product feeds for Discovery ads presents a remarkable opportunity for businesses to stand out. As well as to drive conversions across various discovery locations. In this article, we’ll discuss the significance of this new feature and how you can benefit from it.

Product Feeds: Enhancing Discovery Ads for Better Engagement

Google recently announced that product feeds are now available to all Discovery advertisers, allowing businesses to display items based on user interests and intent. This feature enables retailers to use lifestyle images and short text from their Google Merchant Center catalog. Delivering more relevant and engaging ads to potential customers. By incorporating product feeds into Discovery ads, advertisers can achieve up to 45% more conversions at a similar CPA on average, when targeting sales or lead gen goals. This powerful feature can also be paired with Video action campaigns on YouTube. To drive deeper consideration and engagement with consumers exploring content.


Turning Data into Results: Improved Reporting and Measurement

Google Ads also introduced several updates to reporting and measurement, helping advertisers better understand their performance in Discovery and Video action campaigns:

  1. Product-level reporting: Launched last month and advertisers are now able to track the performance of their Google Merchant Center catalog items in product feeds, analyzing metrics such as impressions and clicks. This feature allows businesses to identify which products are generating more interest and take appropriate actions.
  2. Data-driven attribution (DDA): Starting in Q2, Discovery advertisers can gain a more accurate view of their campaign performance within the Google ecosystem. DDA credits conversions based on user engagement with ads. Using account data to determine which campaigns have the most significant impact on business goals.
  3. Conversion Lift experiments: Introduced last year, Conversion Lift experiments allow advertisers to measure incremental conversions based on either users or geography. This solution helps businesses understand the true impact of their campaigns.


The addition of product feeds to Discovery ads presents a valuable opportunity for brands. To enhance their branding strategies while driving conversions. By leveraging this feature, alongside improved reporting and measurement tools, brands can create more engaging and personalized ad experiences for their target audiences. As a performance marketing agency, we’re excited about the potential of product feeds for Discovery ads. We look forward to helping our clients harness this powerful tool to boost brand awareness and achieve their conversion goals.


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