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Custom Details Page for Google App Campaigns – all you need to know

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Following up on our previous article about the 7 best practices of how to make Google App Campaigns successful, we are ready to share some really hot news about Google’s new Custom Details Page! A massive improvement for our app campaigns!

Custom Details Page for app campaigns allows you to differentiate and customize your landing pages with relevant creative themes instead of using only one generic image for all. That results in a more dynamic look and it’s definitely more helpful for the user. It’s absolutely new in the ad space and worth mentioning that Apple doesn’t have it yet. 

Remember as we said in our other article that you want to have a separate Adgroup per topic, e.g.: Travel to Greece” vs. “Travel to Italy” – now you can show specific images, videos, and copy for these users who clicked on ads from those Adgroups. This will certainly be a massive conversion lift for most of our campaigns.

How it works?

Let’s see an example from the Travel App category. We are to publish several ads simultaneously, with different messages e.g.:

  • “Find the coolest hotels in Greece!”
  • “Best places to travel with kids in Spain!”
  • “Discover the most relaxing thermal spas of Hungary!”

All those very different ads would land on our main & very generic Google Play Store landing page, but now thanks to CDP we are able to customize it and if the ad is about Greece it can land on a custom details page about Greece. So instead of using a generic landing page where the user can face many irrelevant images from different travel destinations, they will meet with a customized Greek creative theme, covering relevant imagery and information as per their interests. 


How to set it up?

The only way to get access to this currently still in BETA program is your Google account manager. You have to send them the information about Adgroups & campaigns as well as all the corresponding CDP assets like images, videos, and text. They will set it up for you. There is no way to make this yourself in the dashboard. Neither do you need to provide any deeplinks. Google does all of the magic in the backend.

Google allows you to include up to 80 characters for the short description, and if the users are interested to know more, they can expand the short description to view the full description of your mobile App. This way, we can set it up easily, which ad group should land on which custom details page. See hereby in details: 

A lot more info at your fingertips coming soon, so stay tuned! But if you are interested to get in touch with us for further information, please connect at andre@admiral.media!


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