Frequently Asked Questions

How to advertise business on Snapchat?

If you are having a business, and you want to run ads on Snapchat then it is important for you to have a Snapchat business account. You cannot run ads on Snapchat if you are not registered with Snapchat as a business. Business accounts are easy to create, and the method is available online. The purpose of advertising on Snapchat is to reach the targeted audience and to design quirky and fun content that goes well with the tone of your business.

Snapchat business manager helps you in launching, optimizing, and monitoring your business account. It offers you tools to create ads, product catalogs, and much more. You can create business content in minutes. A track record can be checked for every snap to make sure that the right audience is viewing it. Snapchat business manager offers you the features such as:

  • Instant Create: Make an image or video in time less than 5 minuted
  • Advanced create: This is used for in-depth campaigns.
  • Events manager: connect your website to Snap pixel for tracking the customers that visit your website after viewing your ad.
  • Catalogs: Upload the inventories of products on Snapchat to make the buying experience frictionless.
  • Create filters: Use branded images or illustrations for reaching out to the audience in their snaps.