Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to advertise on Instagram or Snapchat?

Below, we will be listing down some key factors to decide that is it better to advertise on Instagram or Snapchat.

  • Audience: If we talk about audience, then Instagram wins this argument. It has more than 500 million daily active users. The amount of audience available is much higher than on Snapchat. However, most of the teenage group is using Snapchat more but still, Instagram is used to target a larger audience.
  • Filters: In this argument, Snapchat wins. Its filters are unbeatable. When we talk about filter animations, Snapchat filters are unique.
  • Stories: In this debate, Instagram wins. Instead of asking you like Snapchat before switching from one story to another, Instagram sends you to the story of the next person to keep your attention span longer.
  • Advertisements: The advertisements on Instagram are rapidly growing compared to Snapchat as people are becoming much more aware of it. Advertisements on Instagram are a worthwhile investment. At least 30% of the audience that views a product on Instagram is likely to buy it.

Conclusion: Instagram is much better in terms of reaching more audiences.

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