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Before going through the topic we must know what e-commerce is. In simple words, e-commerce refers to selling products or services using the Internet. Just like the other social media platforms e.g. Facebook and Instagram that are used to promote e-commerce businesses, TikTok is now also being widely used for this purpose. The most frequently asked question is How to use Tiktok Ads for e-commerce? As Tiktok is an emerging platform in the ever-changing social media landscape. With its availability in 150 countries and over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok Ads are giving fierce competition to Facebook ads and Instagram marketing strategies.


Are Tiktok Ads Worth taking for E-commerce?

TikTok is the fastest-growing entertainment app with millions of users spending a huge part of their time on the app. TikTok is doing wonders in e-commerce with its unique audience and the highest engagement rates. So answering the question, are TikTok ads worth taking for e-commerce? So, the answer is a pretty yes. Tiktok ads are providing amazing features to e-commerce advertisers for prompt brand growth and development with a unique audience.

It Provides you unique audience

TikTok ads don’t only work for e-commerce stores whose Target audience is generation Z – we found that the audience is diverse: 61% of users are over the age of 25 and thus most likely employed with disposable income. Almost 40% of users are 35 years or older – read more TikTok audience benchmarks in our free TikTok Handbook for advertisers. As the average time of a user on TikTok is 95 minutes so TikTok is the best platform to reach the younger generation with the highest engagement rate. Thus using TikTok ads, you can reach millions of viewers in which some people will be interested in buying the product while others may come to know your brand which is a source of Brand awareness and recognition. But the e-commerce business whose target shoppers are older people will not get much benefit from using TikTok ads.

It gives you the highest engagement rates

TikTok provides an uninterrupted flow of video content for users. As it is the specialty of TikTok, that ads don’t appear as ads rather they blend with other vide. As TikTok is comprised of user-generated content, watch time is very high which means a higher engagement rate. So, TikTok ads are way more engaging than Facebook ads, and thus they are good to use for e-commerce stores.

International Market

As TikTok is available in a wide number of countries, so it provides you with the global presence of your brand. It helps you to build Brand recognition and provides you with customers from the international market.

Low Competition

TikTok ads are new in the market, so there is less saturation and lesser competition in it than other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram ads.


How To Use TikTok Ads for E-Commerce

Having a TikTok business account is the best practice for running ads campaigns, but you can also use ads on a personalized account by following a few easy steps which we will discuss in detail here.

 Setting up the TikTok Ads Manager account

  • In order to use TikTok ads you must have this app.
  • The next step is to sign up on the TikTok Ads Manager. Select your region(billing country) and then state whether it’s an Individual or Business account.
  • Then click Next, then enter a valid e-mail address and password. Verify the account using the verification code sent to your e-mail. Next, agree to the Terms and conditions by checking the box and then Sign up for your account.
  • Verification can also be done using the phone number.
  • After your TikTok account is approved by the TikTok Ads Manager, log in to your dashboard account.


Install TikTok Pixel

After setting up the TikTok ads manager account, you need to install and set up TikTok Pixels. TikTok pixel is a code that you place on your website to track the events and Campaign performances. It helps to track the record of your campaign, and it tells you when someone viewed your ad or visited your website by clicking on the ad. It determines which ads are performing best, and thus it helps to drive the most targeted traffic for your ads by making and using the ads similar to the ads that are performing the best.

  •   First, select app events or web events for tracking.
  •   Then click Create Pixel and then name your pixel.
  • Now you can copy the code generated and paste it manually into the header section of your website.

Now you can easily keep track of your ads campaign and ROI. You can also work on remarketing strategy by retargeting the previous visitors by using personalized ads, which can boost sales and drive traffic to your website or E-commerce stores.


Creating TikTok Catalog

You can create your TikTok catalog by simply logging into your TikTok Ads manager and then selecting Asset and choosing catalog. Create a Catalog and name it. Enter the default currency for your products in the catalog and choose the Target location. Using the product catalog on TikTok help to feature and advertise each product individually using dynamic template videos. You can list the complete information including price, features, and benefits of each product, and can drive sales.


Create your Campaign

You can create your campaign in the TikTok Ads Manager by clicking on the “campaign button” under the Campaign tab. The campaign can be selected according to the objective of advertising. Ads can be used either to drive traffic, boost sales, increase the conversion rate, or increase the no. of downloads of an app. You can select the campaign’s particular objective. Name your Campaign and select the Budget of your campaign. Budget is the amount that you allocate for running your ads. It can be either a Lifetime Budget or Daily Budget. A lifetime budget is the maximum amount that you will spend on your ads. It is quick and allows you to reach the maximum number of people, while the daily budget is the amount that you allocate to spend in one day. It is steady and gradual to reach the target audience.


Creating Your Ad Groups

Ad group comprises a no. of ads that have the same objectives and Target audience. Ads group is characterized by the following:

Choose ad placement

Ads Placement helps to choose where the ads will appear. Ads placement can be either automatic or Manual.

  • Automatic placement: Here TikTok chooses where the ad will appear to get the maximum reach.
  • Select Placement: Here, the advertisers select where the ads will appear in the news feed.

 Advertisers can also restrict ad placement by making use of a Block list.

Selecting Target Audience

The target audience is set according to interest, gender, demographics, and particular goals of a brand. The more the targeted audience, the higher will be engagement.

Select Creative Type

By selecting the ACO (Automated Creative optimization) TikTok will choose the best combination for the ad from the available assets which will give maximum reach and results.

Budget and Duration

Select the budget for your ad campaign. The budget can be either lifetime or daily base. You can select a minimum to the maximum amount for your ad. You can also select a starting date and ending date for running your campaign. Moreover, ads can also be run on selected days.

Delivery Type

Ads can be delivered either in Standard Mode or Accelerated Mode. In Standard Mode, ads are usually placed at the times of highest traffic and allow the budget to work consistently in the given time frame.

While in Accelerated Mode, the ads are placed to get the maximum reach in the shortest time. Its purpose is to get the maximum traffic in the minimum time frame.


Creating a new and unique ad

The final step is creating a unique and attractive ad for promoting your business. Ads can be created either in the form of an image or video. Always create an ad that matches your audience’s needs. Moreover, explain your ad with the text for a better understanding of your viewers. Never forget to add a Call to Action in your Ad. It is simply urging your audience to visit a Website, buy a product or service or install an app. Ads can be created in a no. of different formats, so selecting the appropriate ad format is the key to the success of an ad and guarantees the Return on investment.

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5 Types of Ads Formats

There are five different types of TikTok ads formats that can be used for different E-commerce purposes:

TikTok In-Feed Ads

TikTok feed ads are the ones that appear with other videos in the news feed. They are usually videos along with suitable audio that last for almost 60 seconds. Just like Instagram stories, viewers can comment on In-feed ads and can share them. The best part of the In-feed ads is that they appear in the news feed with other videos and don’t stand out as ads, so these ads grab the audience’s attention and get the highest engagement rates. If the video is made keeping in view the audience’s interest, there is a great chance of the video to get viral. In-feed ads are the best ads to build Brand visibility and Brand recognition. By using the right hashtags and trends, you can reach the million of audience and maximum eyes on your brand.

TikTok Top View Ads

TikTok top view ads are the ones that appear at the top of the For You page. It is also a full-screen video of 1 minute that appears at first after opening the FY page. As they appear immediately after opening the app, so they are mostly highly engaging ads with 71% of users saying that top-view ads grab their attention. As users see these ads at first, there are greater chances that these ads may be set in the user’s mind that may memorize the users with the Brand Name, specific products, or any service of that brand.

TikTok Brand Takeover Ads

TikTok Brand takeover ads are the ones that every user can see when they open the TikTok app. They are the best to distinguish your brand from other brands. As the brand takeover ads are run by only one brand for a particular category each day. Therefore, it is a high-paying format and brings a high ROI. Brand Takeover ads can have a link in them that leads the users to their landing page. Thus, it can bring a huge audience to a website and boost sales.

Branded Hashtag Challenge Ads

Challenge ads are the ones that the Brand uses with a Brand specific hashtag and offer people a simple challenge through their ad, which can either be performing a dance feat or any other activity in which users take interest and actively participate. The Brand challenge ads are one way to encourage user-generated content and in this way users also spread the brand’s hashtag and brand awareness which will attract more and more audiences. By using these hashtags users also navigate that Brand’s TikTok account or can also show interest in their products or services.

TikTok Branded Effect Ads

The TikTok Branded effect is somehow similar to Hashtag Challenge ads. It also encourages UGC by publishing a custom filter, lens, or stickers for user experience. It can also be used in integration with hashtag challenge ads that can bring the highest engagement and lots of leads to your website.


Best Practices of TikTok Ads for E-Commerce

Marketing using TikTok Influencers or Creators

The best way of a prompt promotion is getting a shout-out from an influencer or creator. As the TikTok audience regularly checks and follows their favorite influencers So, you can publish a video ad through any influencer who has a huge fan following, and in this way, you will get the eyeballs on your brand in a spur of the moment. The other option of getting the maximum from TikTok influencers by publishing an ad that encourages UGC.

Keep the Video Short and Direct

The best practice to get the maximum ROI is to keep the video short and direct, and try to convey your message in the earliest part of your video. According to a survey, 63% of all brands that get the maximum CTR are the ones that deliver their Brand’s messages in the first 3 seconds of the video.

Keep Your Brand Up to Date with Existing Trends

As TikTok is an entertainment app with the highest engagement rate, o it prioritizes the content with that grabs the audience’s attention and fetches the maximum views. So in order to get the best possible results, keep your ads up to date with the existing trends and use the latest hashtags and stories to bring the maximum viewers for your content.

Build Your Ads with Stories

As people are more interested in stories rather than mere promotion. So advertising stories is one of the best ways to get the highest rating and views as the stories are the cup of tea for a variety of audiences. These stories leave an impression on the minds of viewers, which help them to search for your brand whenever they need it.

Give a Call to Action in every ad

Never forget to give a call to action in every ad. Use clickable CTA’s in your ads it will increase user interaction with your brand. A call to action can either be buying a product with the button Buy Now or Install the App or Visit Website depending on the goals of your campaigns. CTA’s can increase the conversion rate as the users may visit your website to learn more about your Brand and products. This will greatly enhance traffic to our website and drive sales.


Provide Amazing User Experience

If you add a link pf your website on your ad, you must create an impressive landing page that provides users with a worthy visit to your website. An excellent landing page increases the chance of a conversion. Contrarily, if the ad is so attractive that the user leaves the TikTok platform to visit your website and there he experiences a poor landing page with incomplete Brand information will have the worst impact on the user and will increase the bounce rate which will create a negative impact. So provide your users with the best experience, so they stay there and become potential customers.


Final Words

TikTok is creating a huge impact in the marketing world with its increasing audience and interesting hashtags and Trends. So, any e-commerce store whose target audience is the Young generation can create interesting and amazing ads according to their purpose and can bring millions of viewers to their brand. So, using the Right campaign with goal-oriented objectives and practicing the best-followed approaches can bring a huge audience to your brand and provide you with the maximum conversion. Thus, following the right recipe can help you to create a huge difference and help you to earn the maximum profit. Check out our free PDF guide for TikTok advertisers to learn everything about the channel, benchmarks, and hidden tricks and features to succeed.  


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