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Admiral Media,

Sep 21, 2023

Performance Marketing Recipe: Interview with Pablo Pérez


In a recent episode of the “Pathmonk Presents” podcast, we had the honor to be represented by Pablo Pérez, our Performance Marketing Director. Pablo opened up about the intricacies of performance marketing, client acquisition, and leadership. Find here the key takeaways from this conversation that offers a glimpse into the world of Admiral Media.

A glimpse at Admiral Media

We specialize in the app world, we offer end-to-end solutions for user acquisition, including campaign management, optimization, and creative production. 

The team at Admiral Media shares a common passion for marketing, which is reflected in our work. Our remote, culture-first approach allows us to attract top talent from around the globe and this ensures that we’ll deliver the best possible results for our clients.

A Diverse Client Portfolio

We serve a wide array of industries. Including but not limited to crypto, NFTs, finance, health and fitness, dating, and gaming. Our diverse client base is a testament to our adaptability and expertise in performance marketing. We are not limited by industry. We are constantly taking on clients from various sectors and delivering tailored solutions.

Looking ahead, there are plans to expand our service offerings. We are in the process of creating teams that focus on App Store Optimization (ASO), paywall and boarding, and CRMs. This expansion signifies our commitment to being a comprehensive solution provider for mobile app marketing clients.

Client Acquisition Strategies

When it comes to acquiring new clients, word-of-mouth and recommendations play a main role, as they often lead to long-lasting and fruitful relationships. The power of a strong reputation often precedes us.

Pablo Perez Performance Marketing Director Admiral Media

“We try to go all in on giving our best to our existing clients, so afterwards they are able to recommend us to their network.”

Pablo Perez – Performance Marketing Director at Admiral Media

We also use other channels like Google Ads and LinkedIn. These platforms serve as channels that help us reach a broader audience with our achievements. However, the core of our acquisition strategy remains in delivering exceptional service to existing clients. They are our most effective promoters.

The Importance of Continuous Learning

Staying updated is not just an option but a necessity. Pablo emphasised the need for continuous learning. He also shared his personal strategies such as following industry experts on LinkedIn and Twitter. To stay updated he regularly attends webinars.

But learning isn’t just about consumption; it’s also about application. At Admiral Media, we believe in the hands-on testing of new tools and features. This practical approach allows all the team to understand the nuances of different strategies and technologies. This makes Pablo a more effective marketer and leader, and the team more updated and over-performing.

Leadership and Company Growth

As a leader, Pablo wears many hats from overseeing operations and managing client relationships to conducting internal audits and coordinating teams. This dynamic involvement ensures that he has a pulse on all aspects of the business. Being that close to operations enables him to make informed decisions.

One of his key focus areas is hiring. We are now in a phase of rapid growth. Finding the right talent is crucial for sustaining this momentum. Pablo is looking for candidates who can easily integrate into Admiral Media’s dynamic culture and contribute to the company’s vision.


From client acquisition strategies to the importance of continuous learning and effective leadership. The interview offered a comprehensive look into what makes Admiral Media tick. Don’t miss the full episode. Dive deeper into these topics and gain firsthand insights from one of the industry’s leading experts.

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