It’s already the 10th year of App Promotion Summit Berlin 2023 and as James Cooper from Business of Apps stated, “there is still LOTS to talk about”. The event had sessions covering AI, SKAN 4.0, Apple Search Ads, product and retention. 

We at Admiral Media are proud of having our very own Performance Marketing Director, Pablo Perez Gonzalez representing our team and spreading his deep knowledge about SKAN 4.0. This time Pablo delved into SKAN 4.0 and how to use its potential sharing highly relevant insights like:

  • Common Mistakes in Decision-Making: 

Tackling one of the most common concerns for Marketers: How to avoid pitfalls and make informed decisions?

  • A Comprehensive Checklist for an Effective Setup:

Providing a step-by-step guide to nail SKAN 4.0 setup.

  •  Bridging Theory and Practice:

Showcasing real-life cases that illustrate how to apply SKAN 4.0 principles in your campaigns.

Explaining the importance of regular audits and how they can fine-tune performance marketing strategies.

So if you missed the 10th APS Berlin, here are a few images from the event and Pablo’s workshop. And if you are curious about some of these insights or more, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts. We sure can guide you through this complex subject.




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