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to ROAS.

We will audit your SKAN 4.0 setup, tailor-made for your mobile app.

With our SKAN 4.0 Audit your Ads will perform again

Inaccurate or incomplete data does not only hampers your growth, but also jeopardizes your budget and strategy. Don’t compromise. Apply for the Admiral SKAN Audit, and succeed with data you can trust.


Your individual SKAN 4.0 Audit

Get a full SKAN 4.0 audit of your mobile app, from 5 star rated App Marketing Experts.

What you get

Personalized Analysis

Our SKAN expert dives deeper into your app’s iOS performance, tracking inefficiencies, and areas of improvement in the post-iOS14 landscape.

Strategic Solutions

Get Tailored guidance on SKAN 4.0 implementation, value mapping, and strategies to maximize iOS spend ROI.

Actionable Roadmap

A step-by-step plan to address tracking issues, in-app event discrepancies, and ensure optimal campaign management moving forward.

What we need

Timeline Allocation

A minimum commitment of 4 weeks (or as required), ensuring thoroughness and accounting for SKAN version complexities.

Our SKAN Expert


Meet Pablo Perez

Our Performance Marketing Director and
SKAN Expert, redefining app user acquisition.

  • iOS Ad Expertise:
    Managed colossal budgets with precision.
  • App Growth Maestro:
    Scaled user bases across numerous apps.
  • Leading Expert:
    A recognized authority in performance marketing.



“Their communication is very fast, and the team is very responsive. They’re great in reaching and optimizing our targets.”

Olga - CEO, PURE App

“With Admiral’s team we scaled our paid social spend by more than 200% while achieving our target ROAS!”

Jacob - Co-Founder, NeuroNation

“Admiral help us setup the right framework to optimize and scale our campaigns. Very organized, self-disciplined and talented team”

David - CEO, BIGVU


What exactly does a SKAN 4.0 audit involve?

Our SKAN 4.0 audit provides a comprehensive analysis of your app’s performance in the post-iOS14 landscape. We delve into tracking efficiencies, value mapping, and strategize to maximize your iOS spend ROI. Our objective is to give you a clear roadmap to optimize your campaigns in this new environment.

Typically, the audit requires a minimum of 4 weeks, depending on the SKAN version and the complexity of your setup. Our goal is to conduct the audit with minimal disruption to your ongoing campaigns. With the insights provided, the intent is to strengthen, not hinder, your current strategies.

We believe in comprehensive solutions. Post-audit, we can provide a detailed action plan and offer support in SKAN implementation, value mapping, and optimization of campaigns. Our objective is to ensure a seamless transition and continued performance for your app.

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