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Mar 10, 2024

SKAN 4.0: The 2024 Hands On Insights with Pablo Perez

A glimpse into the future of App Marketing with Pablo Perez

In the recent Business of Apps Podcast episode, Pablo Perez tells about a mistake that could cost app marketers millions.

Pablo shares a treasure of insights on app marketing’s evolving landscape. Here’s a succinct overview of the key takeaways from his appearance.

Unpacking SKAN 4.0

Pablo delved into the SKAN 4.0 update, highlighting how it brings improved data privacy and granularity for app marketers, a crucial development in today’s privacy-first digital era.

Common SKAN Missteps

A notable point from Pablo was the importance of not shying away from iOS user acquisition post-SKAN, advocating for a deeper understanding of the framework to target iOS users effectively.

Admiral Media’s SKAN Strategy

The podcast shed light on Admiral Media’s strategic approach to SKAN, showcasing their proactive methods in leveraging the framework’s capabilities to optimize client campaigns.

Generative AI’s Role

Pablo touched on the potential of Generative AI in working alongside SKAN 4.0, suggesting that AI could revolutionize data analysis and campaign optimization for marketers.

The industry evolution

Pablo envisioned a shift towards more user-centric marketing, advocating for engaging, value-driven user experiences over intrusive advertising.

Final Thoughts

The podcast shares unique insights into the future of app marketing, emphasizing the importance of innovation, understanding, and adaptability in harnessing the full potential of frameworks like SKAN 4.0. Give it a listen and share it with a friend or a colleague!

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