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Andre Kempe,


Admiral Media,

Sep 8, 2022

TikTok for Business? Top Tools to Get You Started

If you are planning to market your business on TikTok, then you need TikTok tools for business for helping you reach out to the maximum audience in an efficient way. TikTok ads are a common and widely acceptable way of enhancing your business sales. The use of TikTok for business is becoming significant these days.  For using TikTok for business, you need tools that will help you to design your ads, build your strategy, and work efficiently. In this article, we will be covering some major TikTok tools for business. Read it until the end. It will be worth your time.

TikTok for Business

If you want to target a younger audience for marketing, then TikTok is the best platform to do it. If you are a business owner, then you will use some type of social media marketing. The number of people that are currently using social media across the globe is more than half of Earth’s population, and this number is increasing with every passing day. As a result, there are so many opportunities through which you can benefit your business if you market it right across social media platforms. In these platforms, TikTok has emerged to be one of the most effective social media platforms for marketing your business. It allows its users to create a short-format video or a video having background music and edit them through various filters, lenses, etc. 

Working on TikTok

There are chances that you can end up getting blacklisted on those social media platforms that have a pre-defined set of regulations, and you cannot go against them. 

  • Create a profile on the app. 
  • Follow those creators who are popular. 
  • Keep practicing to produce quality content that can grab the attention of the users.

Create fitting content for your brand so that it can contribute to the growth of the brand. 

TikTok Advertisements

A wide variety of ads are supported on TikTok. In-feed ads, TopView ads, branded effects, brand takeover ads, and branded hashtags. These are used for different purposes and their outcomes can vary depending on the nature of the campaign you are willing to run. Now, the real question is, is it too easy to run ads on TikTok? No, you need tools that can help you to create attractive content for your business. You cannot just open the video option on your camera, record, and post it asap. Instead, you have to make it worth watching. Design the ads for your business in such a way that it captivates the user’s mind. They get convinced to buy your product. Below, we will be mentioning some tools that you can use to market your business on TikTok.

Scheduling tools for TikTok


Hootsuite is the first tool on this list that helps you in scheduling your TikToks for the future. You need to be consistent with the content you post on TikTok for the growth of your business. Instead of performing it manually, use Hootsuite to schedule your content for the upcoming days to avoid the fuss. Contrary to the native scheduler of TikTok which allows only 10 days limit for scheduling, Hootsuite helps you to schedule your posts for any time in the future.

TikTok Video Scheduler

The video scheduler built by TikTok is very efficient and convenient. However, you do cannot use this feature on your mobile phone, instead, you have to use it on your desktop. The problem with it is that it only allows you to schedule content for the next 10 days. You cannot edit the posts you schedule through this tool, instead, you have to delete them and schedule them again to make changes. Quite hectic, isn’t it?

Analytics tools for TikTok

Hootsuite Analytics

For checking the performance of your TikTok tool, go to the analytics section of Hootsuite. Detailed performing stats will be available there. These include:

  • Followers
  • Top posts
  • Reach
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Views
  • Shares
  • Engagement rate

It also includes a breakdown of the audience by country and activity of followers by the hours.

TikTok analytics

You have the access to in-built analytics if you have a TikTok account. It helps you keep an eye on business owners, influencers, and marketers.

Video editing tools for TikTok

Adobe Premier Rush

A third-party app that provides you the facility of directly publishing your videos to TikTok once you are done editing them. People with different levels of skills can use it and edit their videos. It has features like filters, transitions, and speed ramping. 


Another popular tool that consists of all facilities in it is CapCut. It has trending fonts and stickers. The plus point is it is completely FREE. The parent company of CapCut and TikTok is the same. 


It is made by GoPro. It automatically matches the content you wish to edit with themes that are beat-synced and transitions for creating and sharing videos.

Filmora video editor

It is an easy-to-use tool for video editing and helps content creators in creating video posts for their social media accounts. It has features such as motion tracking, color-matching, split screen, audio ducking, etc. 


It is a versatile video editing tool. Brands use it to create content posts for Instagram, TikTok, etc. It provides vloggers with features such as free background music, voiceovers, etc. It lets you trim, split and merge and adjust the speeds of your videos. You can add effects, stickers, filters, and texts.

TikTok tools for growth and campaign management

Vista Social

It is used to:

  • Schedule posts
  • Tracking engagement
  • Content management
  • Reporting

It helps you to build a schedule for publishing your content, automating posts, tracking engagement, monitoring conversations, and much more.

It is used for:

  • Competitor research
  • Analysis of hashtags
  • Analytics

It helps you in uncovering proven strategies used by other brands. Enter the name of a competitor or a hashtag, and it will help you in generating a detailed report


It is used for:

  • Research of competitors
  • Analyzing trends, challenges, profiles, videos, and artists. 

It provides valuable insights into your account, your competitors, and other people. This includes data about trends, challenges, songs, etc.

TikTok tools for engagement (paid)

TikTok penalizes automated likes, comments, replies and follows. So, it is a better practice to avoid using such tools. Instead, build engaging content to increase the number of your audience. If people like what they see, they will engage with your brand. 

TikTok creator tools

Creator tools were made public by TikTok to all of its users in 2021. However, a gated category is Creator Fund. To be eligible for Creator Fund, you need to fulfill the following criteria. 

  • Living in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, or Spain
  • Be 18+
  • Minimum followers count of 10k
  • Having more than 100k views in past 30 days. 
  • Your account must fit the TikTok community guideline. 

Ads tools for TikTok

TikTok Tactics

It is NOT a TikTok tool. Instead, TikTok Tactics helps you in learning what you need to do to advertise right. No matter what are your advertising goals, it will turn you into a PRO.  It covers:

  • Targeting
  • Attribution
  • Bidding and Optimization
  • Catalogs and creative

TikTok Promote

If you want to boost pre-existing content, then have a look at the Promote tool in Creator tools. It can help you in boosting your website clicks, video views, and follower count

Beyond TikTok tools

These are the TikTok tools for business that can help you in building up a strong business by connecting with a pool of TikTok users to enhance your brand sales, website visits, or video views. But using tools is just the start. You have to know how to use them and get TikTok’s marketing strategy right. At Admiral Media, we have a lot of experience with TikTok from the get-go. We were one of the first agencies to have an advertiser account and have managed highly successful TikTok campaigns ever since. We can assist you with setup, targeting, campaign management and finding the right influencers and creatives for TikTok campaigns and optimizing the campaigns – learn more about all of our services.

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