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Corona’s impact on the mobile app industry. Part III.

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There is a lot going on in the world right now, brands and marketers are asking themselves how they can respond to the changed consumer behaviors, and what the best strategies are through these uncertain times. We have already analyzed the impact of COVID-19 on the app industry in our previous article but now based on our latest data reports we wanted to share an update on our work, as well as following up on our Q1 quarterly report

We are serving ads mostly for health care, self-care, mental care, self-education, casual games, news & entertainment apps. Our hypothesis was that these industries would probably even benefit from this crisis, thanks to a drastic increase of app usage suspecting people staying at home and finding time to entertain themselves with learning new things: more apps being downloaded, more ad impressions, more inventory, the CPMs would decrease, the CPIs would decrease. ROAS of campaigns from advertisers that stay on might increase, and so on.

Let’s see in reality if the hypothesis was correct! We have collected several reports and examples from multiple sectors, and actually, in each of them, the key metrics show decreasing CPMs and CPIs by March and April, in parallel with the actions taken by governments facing Corona. So in reality, since the beginning of the real crisis CPMs as well as CPIs are declining at high speed and ROAS is increasing.

CPMs: Examples from the mental health and nutrition sectors, the period of time December 2019 – April 2020:

CPIs: Examples from the mental health and nutrition sectors, the period of time December 2019 – April 2020:

Another interesting example regarding Facebook Ads, these charts also support the idea of a declining CPMs:

ROAS, also covering the period of December 2019 – April 2020, increasing:

At a time when it’s best to create space apart, we can still connect together online, so using this opportunity we will keep sharing our up-to-date data, analyzing further the impact of COVID-19 on the app industry, but if you are interested to get in touch with us for further information, please connect at andre@admiral.media!


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