Andre Kempe,


Admiral Media,

Sep 30, 2020

Admiral Media is shortlisted on Effective Mobile Marketing Awards 2020!

Admiral Media is Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Finalist! Boom! Admiral Media is on this year’s Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. We are competing in the Most Effective Performance Marketing Campaign category. Our Fastic Intermittent Fasting App Campaign entry has 5 competitors. You can check all the shortlisted campaigns here.

Our client, Fastic Fasting App, has become one of the largest community-based intermittent fasting apps. It helps its users to lose weight, gain control over food habits. Hence they provide lessons and food planning tools.

Congratulations to everyone & fingers crossed on The Awards Ceremony – hosted on Friday, 13th November. There are 17 categories in this year’s edition of the Awards.

Emmas Finalist

Admiral Media is a highly specialized Mobile App Marketing Agency. For more than 10 years we consult mobile publishers and help them to grow their user base. We successfully manage their global performance marketing campaigns across all digital marketing channels. Basically, you can benefit from a holistic and modern marketing approach that fits your needs. Great success comes from hard work and smart decisions. Sometimes you fail, but we treat failures as success. We analyze it and improve for next time. Our performance and creative teams live and breath your values and want you to scale and succeed.

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