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Andre Kempe,


Admiral Media,

Aug 10, 2021

The top 3 marketing basics you have forgotten about

In this article, we will talk about the top 3 marketing and advertising basics you have forgotten about and how others are using them for mega-growth.

Performance marketing tactics and a deep understanding of how tracking works and how every ad platform works can create some advantages in your marketing. But there are even more keys to hyper-growth. Many companies out there used them to rapidly grow beyond goals which gave them a spot among the best of the best. But unlike the trend, these mega-successful companies didn’t just use performance or growth tactics. They leveraged the basics of marketing in their strategies. Ask yourself, when was the last time you spoke with other marketing peers about any fundamentals? Like the AIDA principle while discussing creatives or copy?

1# Understanding your customers or users.

Before you stop reading, let me give you an example of what I mean, they say an example worth 1000 words, no?

Well, Starbucks always spells your name wrong on the side of the cup which prompts many reactions. Some of us laugh about it. Others get angry but both of us will most likely post about it on social media. Especially that everyone else is already posting about it.

top 3 marketing basics you have forgotten about

Think about it, every big company needs this social media buzz. If the Starbucks managers really directed their employees to misspell customer names, it will be for the sole purpose of encouraging their customers to post pictures of their cups on social media. So that you see them and recognize their green logo. Or feel familiar when you see their branch around. Starbucks understood their customers. Also knew that we all share our names everywhere on social media. The moment they misspell my name, you will definitely get my attention just like you would if I misspelled it, right? 


This type of tactic is actually an evil genius-level marketing move, even if it just happened accidentally, and these are the tactics that your agency partner should use to give you the unfair advantage and it only comes after understanding your customers/users, makes sense? On the other hand, a Starbucks spokesperson told Thrillist, “We have never asked or directed any of our partners to misspell names of our customers for any reason. Writing names on cups is a fun tradition born out of the relationship and interaction between our employees and customers. Our baristas aim to do their best when it comes to spelling the names of our customers, though at times it can be tricky.” Yes, for sure Starbucks, I believe you 😉


2# Ad Copy or simply the art of copywriting.

Your headline, catchphrase, or however you want to call it is key. There is a hidden art of communication that is being ignored just so frequently because we marketers push out so many copy combinations that we lose track and invest our time on a random KPI table or analysis instead of tailoring the message to our customers. Always ask yourself: what has more potential to reduce your CAC by 5% if you invest 30 minutes? Diving into an analysis comparing 3 Facebook campaigns? Or maybe finding the 1 million dollar key message for your next ad which is being seen by 50 million people?


Take the following tips into consideration:

1. Don’t exaggerate because an honest line always feels warmer and doesn’t fire back on your brand with many negative reviews. Simply, exaggeration makes high expectations!

The top 3 marketing basics you have forgotten about



2. No one cares what you can do but everyone cares what you can do for them so show them how your product can make them awesome customers that can do anything, yeah?

The top 3 marketing basics you have forgotten about



3. Write scannable copies because everyone scans the page before they commit to reading it. So, make your copy light and scannable!

The top 3 marketing basics you have forgotten about



We used this approach with one of our clients and the results are super clean in the below image:

The top 3 marketing basics you have forgotten about



3# Don’t forget branding.

Everyone is elaborating how they are “customer first”, I get it but brand first approaches are marketing basics you should leverage, you get the return on ad spend in the long run and your smart agency partner will help you understand the value of such brand-focused strategies.

Here is how it works; Brand first growth strategy results in brand recognition which gives your customers a feeling of safety and comfort which will eventually increase your growth. A cycle!

The top 3 marketing basics you have forgotten about



Take Airbnb for example, they slashed performance marketing spend permanently, even other companies started questioning how they could make similar decisions and the answer is always a well-positioned brand.

Well, that was it for this one. Comment and share for more articles.

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