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In only five years after its global debut in 2016, TikTok has become the fastest-growing social media network, with 1 billion users by September 2021. It has become trendy for marketing. To put that in perspective, it took Facebook and Instagram a combined eight years to reach the same number of users. Making your brand visible on TikTok is essential to connect with the app’s one billion users. Frequently, new SNS are introduced. Although they keep an eye on emerging trends, savvy marketers know not to devote resources to capitalize on them immediately. As a result, it has recently been a focal point of marketing and media attention. This online video-sharing service is in its infancy. Those under 30 are the most likely to like it, and it hasn’t been around for very long. Nonetheless, it has become well-known because of its striking presentation and several related scandals. Its increasing visibility makes it a promising target for online video advertising. In this post, we would like to give a little overview of brands that are getting started on TikTok. For more information and exclusive benchmarks, check out our free TikTok Handbook for advertisers  


What is TikTok Marketing?

Users of TikTok may make and share videos that are oriented vertically. The duration of each segment does not exceed one minute. Users can access various audio effects, filters, and excerpts of popular songs. Most videos are either comedic or musical, if not both. TikTok is called Douyin in its home country of China. After combining with, another video-sharing software devoted primarily to lip-sync videos, it became well-known worldwide.

TikTok marketing promotes a brand or product using the app and user-generated content. Create and distribute short movies explaining your goods and services to increase your online presence. It is laser-focused on the app itself, unlike social media marketing.  Content is distinct from other channels, but make sure your brand’s messaging is constant. (You may reuse TikTok videos for Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts to reach more people.)

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The Marketing Revolution is Coming: TikTok

TikTok is a social media platform where users share short, humorous videos. The software lets users make changes inside the app, add filters, effects, and music overlays to their videos, and share them directly to their social network accounts. Comedy skits, how-to guides, lip-syncing performances, dancing videos, and more are some of the most popular content on TikTok. To increase the visibility of your videos on TikTok, you may use hot hashtags. With this app, your video is more likely to go viral than on most other social media sites. The main goal of this site is to give people a place to safely share their original ideas about advertising.


Top brands with the bets TikTok Marketing Strategy

As TikTok’s user base grows, more and more companies see it as a must-have for their advertising strategies. Following are some of the companies with the best marketing strategy using TikTok:


Those who dismiss TikTok as a venue for business-to-business interactions are mistaken. SEMrush, a keyword research tool, is one company doing a great job with marketing on the platform. What they do for search marketers is nothing short of magical: they provide beneficial information in a lighthearted and enjoyable fashion. Often, their content doesn’t seem like it’s coming from a business-to-business outfit.


Netflix has over 26 million TikTok followers and a dedicated fan base actively promotes its programming. The videos usually have a light, humorous tone, and they often use clips from the streaming material itself that are being used to promote new releases. By having access to exclusive material, users of the site are given a sense of privilege. As a second measure, Netflix’s profile uses short games with the public and funny snippets from its shows to get more people to interact with and share its content.


TikTok is a powerful platform for influencer marketing. Your company may connect with its target demographic and even foster an online community with the help of the platform’s developers. According to an email from WANNA‘s Brand Marketing Manager Victoria Fedorova, “as the sneaker culture nowadays became more about statement pieces and status than just sports performance footwear, we wanted to reach our potential audience in their everyday lives rather than going after fashion or sports-oriented creators.” WANNA saw working with TikTok producers as a beautiful way to enhance app downloads and exposure to their brand and products. Ultimately, it’s the creator’s responsibility to stay abreast of whatever influences the buyer.


The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a fantastic example of a company on TikTok that has figured out how to appeal to the platform’s users while maintaining a distinct identity and approach. The National Basketball Association (NBA) uses its official TikTok channel to show fans a more relaxed and funny side of the organization through behind-the-scenes clips and player entertainment.


This is another B2B company that has figured out how to reach the community with its videos effectively. They have been active on the site for almost two years, making them seasoned users with a wealth of knowledge to share. Shopify‘s approach is somewhat different from Semrush’s since it emphasizes various video formats. But the main ideas are similar so that business owners and entrepreneurs will feel more at home with them. They experimented with various video formats to get the level of reliability and massive engagement they now enjoy. Therefore, locating this sweet spot is crucial if your company is getting into TikTok marketing.


TikTok’s Importance for Businesses

It’s already common knowledge that companies with no presence on TikTok leave a lot of money on the table. For the ten most important reasons, businesses must have a company on TikTok.

The Ease of Using TikTok for Advertising

Using TikTok for Business to promote awareness of your company has many potential upsides. You may reach and connect with many young people by using it. Regarding advertising, TikTok for Business is an unbeatable one-stop shop. Everything you need to kick off an effective advertising campaign is right here. TikTok for Business gives you everything you need to make a successful video marketing strategy, from coming up with an idea to put it into action to analyzing the results. TikTok for Business provides a platform where companies can put their imaginations to the test while coming up with marketing strategies. And if you’re unsure how to design genuine and exciting advertisements for potential customers, the online learning center (Ads Manager) is ready to teach you all you need to know.

Multiple ad formats are available for your perusal

TikTok for Business also allows you to build creative advertising campaigns that meet your company’s marketing objectives and help your brand get widespread recognition. You may create branded challenges for users and ask them to join using a TikTok business account. If the challenge is novel, it has a better chance of becoming popular on the site and drawing attention to your company. Top view advertising, in-feed advertising, hashtag challenges, brand takeovers, and branded effects are the five sorts of advertisements that may be posted on TikTok to attract users.

The need to rethink influencer marketing

As a result, influencer marketing on TikTok has become more popular. A recent study found that influencers had an engagement rate of 17.96%, whereas those on Instagram and YouTube have rates of 3.86% and 1.63%, respectively. Therefore, there are good reasons to get a prominent person to say nice things about your company. The video may include a vlogger who endorses your company’s wares. In the video’s description, they could promote your website and items by linking to them.

Get Your Message to the Appropriate Audience

The success of every internet marketing campaign hinges on targeting the appropriate demographic. TikTok allows you to communicate with people who care about your product. To be sure, TikTok is not the ideal medium for reaching an older demographic.

Professional Content Generation

TikTok relies heavily on trending videos. To build an immensely successful brand, you need to find a way to connect with your target market. When using a top-notch video editor, all of this may seem like child’s play. Premier video editors like In Video allow you to create a video in a format compatible with the service you want to use to share it online. Then, video sharing on Twitter has a somewhat different aesthetic than its YouTube counterpart. TikTok films need to be lively and quick-paced, in contrast to the more educational and leisurely pace of YouTube videos.

Hashtags revitalize marketing strategies

Using hashtags on TikTok is a great way to get exposure to an unpaid audience. How to structure a marketing campaign centered on the use of hashtags: The “Discover” tab is where you may look for popular hashtags. 1. Think about whether or not a trendy hashtag is right for your Business before you use it. Check out the Big Shots. You can see their hashtags’ impact by taking cues from them and using them yourself. TikTok influencer marketing amplifies this. Despite Instagram’s success, many businesses use the same marketing strategy. Many Instagram users are starting to ignore promoted content the same way they ignore traditional forms of advertising.

However, the newer site TikTok takes a far less invasive approach to advertising. Because as many corporations haven’t adopted it as Instagram, it has a more intimate vibe. You may search for an influencer on the network or use a third-party service such as Influence Grid. The Influence Grid provides valuable metrics for evaluating influencers, such as the number of followers, the average number of views on their videos, and the average number of likes they get. You might learn more about what to expect from certain influencers and change your plan.

Standardize your hashtags

Popular hashtags include #love, #viral, and others like them. Some hashtags may be used to measure the results.

Content is the primary attraction

TikTok, in contrast to Instagram, is heavily focused on its content. To succeed at marketing on TikTok, you need to focus on the content you provide. The results of your advertising efforts may be magnified by using this method. TikTok would instead not produce commercials and put more effort into making them laugh. Therefore, it is essential to discover what interests the audience and choose the material that caters to their preferences. Your viral content will display higher on users’ “For You” pages, exposing your company to more people.

Your Creativity Receives the Appropriate Acknowledgement

TikTok makes it simple to stand noticed for your abilities. Create conversation-starting content. If you establish a trend, people will love your work. Also, the more they talk about your advertisement’s subject, the more others will hear about it. Learn how to read predictive analytics reports and improve your marketing campaigns. Like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, TikTok offers analytics to see how well your video advertising is doing. However, only those with a TikTok Pro account can access the “Analytics” section. The fact that a TikTok Pro account is free to use gives you peace of mind. Turning on the function will give you essential information about the content’s reach, audience, and more.

Learn to Recognize Emerging Trends and Give Their Working Definitions

If you want to learn about emerging fashions before they become mainstream, TikTok is the place to go. The technology behind TikTok makes it simple for anybody to identify emerging trends and quickly respond with original videos. TikTok movements are dynamic, so developing new ideas for material to share with your followers is always exciting.

Promotion of a Brand-Name Item

The development of a brand, or the public face of a company, is an intentional and strategic process. TikTok is an excellent platform since it lets you model your brand and discover your brand image inside the app’s capabilities. TikTok has a low entry barrier, so even small companies and brands can use it to find their voice and identity without spending much money on marketing. 

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TikTok has only been around for a short time, yet it has already established a dedicated following among young people. Brands that aren’t afraid to be themselves, even if it means being a little bit goofy, may be able to win over this demographic. To achieve this goal, trial and error will be required. No one can predict how TikTok will change in the future. Whether or whether you decide to put any marketing efforts into the platform, it’s essential to monitor its rapid ascent.

If you want to learn more about TikTok ads and how to succeed, check out our free TikTok Handbook – it also includes a lot of practical examples and exclusive benchmarks. Admiral Media was one of the first agencies to advertise on Twitter on behalf of our clients. We have numerous successful TikTok cases





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