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Rubarb Case Study


rubarb case study by admiral media

TikTok has reached 1 billion registered users and reached this goal far faster than Facebook. Because of this outstanding growth, TikTok has emerged as one of the main Digital Platforms for businesses to promote themselves. However, not everyone seems to be able to succeed on this platform due to its unique characteristics. So, how can you achieve your performance goals on TikTok? This is how a Fintech app launched and scaled a successful promotion campaign with Admiral Media.

TikTok platform’s uniqueness relies on users being in a more discovery mindset when using this app compared to others which help to obtain users’ attention in a more optimistic and enjoyable way. This means: as a brand, you have to generate creatives that meet this user’s predisposed attitude or you can completely fail. With all this in mind, when we started an app promotion campaign for a Fintech app, we believed that it would be a huge challenge to promote it on this channel as most people feel that finances are boring and not enjoyable. However, we have been able to run a successful campaign with a set of creatives that have taken users’ attention in a positive way that incentivizes them to end up the onboarding process (highly complex for a finance app).

rubarb case study by admiral media

Change in the trend

As you can see in the above graph, there’s a change in trend on the 12th of August which is when we launched two new creatives produced by TikTok creators. These creatives have the following characteristics:

  • Creator content: We have an influencer program that, besides selecting the best influencers for the specific target audience, we provide specific guidelines on what to promote and how to construct the message
  • Entertaining: The videos are dynamic with real-life examples instead of being theoretical and boring.
  • Positive vibes: Provide a message that brings value to the user inside a “positive” environment.
  • Trendsetting: We are promoting the app TikTok account as well as we are boosting videos from this account which generates followers and views to other posted videos, increasing the trend tendency of the videos

In summary, we devised a strategy with which we are able to successfully promote any type of app within TikTok, including in verticals like Finance that you’d think would be most challenging. When using the right strategy and the right creatives, we have been able to convert TikTok as the most efficient channel for these types of apps.
rubarb case study by admiral media

“The team at Admiral Media truly understands TikTok as a channel! They delivered a well-designed campaign, produced great creatives, and activated the right influencers. With their help, we surpassed our initial goals quickly and were able to turn TikTok into one of the best-performing channels. Moreover, the campaign also showed our app in a positive light and raised brand awareness on TikTok to new levels.”

Jakob Scholz

Co-Founder & CPO – rubarb GmbH