Taboola Best Practices

Create unique and relevant ad experiences using Taboola’s best practices for user behaviour.

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (preferred), 4:3, 1:1

  • 2.5 MB max file size.

  • File type: JPEG (preferred), JMP, PNG, WEBP, or GIF

  • If the logo is included, it should be very subtle.

  • Title Character Length: recommended maximum of 50 Characters (more may be truncated).

  • Branding Text: 30 character maximum.

Taboola Image Best Practices:
  • Use an image where the subject of the photo is

  • Looking into the camera

  • If you are using your ad to sell a product, be sure to include that product in the image

  • Photographs usually win over cartoon characters

  • Images without text usually work better

  • Images of animals are usually getting higher

  • CTRs, check if it is true with your filter selection

  • Recommend images with people

  • Close up images are usually more engaging

Taboola Title Best Practices
  • Use keywords that speak directly to products and services being sold

  • Qualify audience: such as “senior”, “singles” etc..

  • Use a list to create familiarity with the user and set an expectation of the post click experience

  • Ask a direct question of the user to pique interest and pre-qualify the audience

  • Provide a trustworthy but definitive benefit statement about the content, product, or brand

  • Tell a story with a dangling resolution to draw the user in

  • Use bandwagoning to call out the audience and create fomo

  • Use low-commitment language to supplement bigger actions

  • Use a clear call-to-action to drive user intent