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Andre Kempe,


Admiral Media,

Oct 27, 2022

Devices – Campaign Management – with Andre Kempe & Tim Koschella

Devices Campaign Management

Tim Koschella: Also, I have one thesis, which is, we’ve seen all these ad networks managed TSP, self attributing networks, mostly leveraged device graph information, and basically collecting as much information as possible on individual device ID to basically better target ads, better optimize etcetera. Now with IDFA being less available on iOS in the future, these device graphs become worthless. So there is a huge, not worthless, but let’s say they are devalued. So you have built something and invested, and it’s not that valuable anymore, it used to be. Do you think advertisers will turn more into the old school or for the lack of a better word, let’s say old school, like the traditional way of managing campaigns, analyzing them by multiple dynamic mentions by like publisher, connection type, ad size or of the day of the week, et cetera. And basically just do a classical campaign management.

Andre Kempe: I wouldn’t say so. I believe we have to get a little bit more creative of how we use the little bit of information that we can pull from the network. For example, we still can track like a hundred campaigns if we get up in Lala Lala. So we certainly will find ways how we use naming conventions. What campaigns do we put together that haven’t been put together before? What tech does it have on our campaign? Naming conventions? How is exactly the data stream looking like. We will have to get creative, but there will still be a way to work in the granular optimization way. I believe at least there will still be opportunities to make granular optimization.

Tim Koschella: Okay. And you still think algorithms will do the job mostly? Or do you think more humans will be involved?

Andre Kempe: More humans will be involved for sure. We are taking away a lot of information from the machines. So how could the machines improve that? And then there’s another one at the search ads becoming a display network in the future, still pulling IDFA, having all the information, the entire value chain in Apple’s hands. Maybe there, we will see some developments as well.

Tim Koschella: Hmm. That’s an interesting one. I don’t know if Apple ever officially confirmed they will move into display advertising, but a lot of people say that in the market and it kind of sounds logical. So also asking you here, the audience, what do you think is Apple going to move into display advertising? And if so, what’s going to be their first move? Where will we see the first Apple I add 2.0, pop up when and where?

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