Frequently Asked Questions

How can you advertise on Snapchat?

If you have a Snapchat business account, go to Snapchat’s ad manager section. Over there, click on the Create Ads option.

  • Choose the objective of your ad: Think of what Snapchatters would do when they see this ad. The ad can be for awareness, it can be for app installations, engagement, video views, website conversions, and catalog sales.
  • Set a name for your campaign. To stay organized, name the campaign to understand what it’s about.
  • Choose the start and end date and set the budget. Select the lifetime budget for this ad as long as it runs. Select its starting and ending dates.
  • Creating ad sets. Enable Snap Pixel. It will help you to see what actions people have performed after viewing your ad.
  • Build your ad. Now you can design your ad according to your wish. Add information to it. Make it prominent.