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Andre Kempe,


Admiral Media,

Apr 7, 2023

Microsoft’s New App Store: Opportunities and Challenges for App Developers

Microsoft is gearing up to launch a new app store for mobile games on iOS and Android devices, rivaling industry giants Apple and Google. The launch, expected as soon as next year, is contingent on regulatory approval of Microsoft’s $75 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. In this article, we’ll explore the opportunities and challenges that Microsoft’s new app store presents for app developers, including the need to scale budgets and marketing efforts.

New Opportunities for App Developers

With the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) potentially requiring Apple and Google to open up their platforms to third-party app stores, Microsoft’s new app store represents a significant opportunity for app developers. The new platform could allow developers to reach a broader audience across multiple devices, with Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, stating that the company wants to “offer Xbox and content from both us and our third-party partners across any screen where somebody would want to play.” The new store could also provide developers with a more competitive marketplace, reducing the dominance of Apple and Google in app distribution. This could lead to better exposure for apps and improved revenue opportunities for developers.

Challenges for App Developers

While the new app store promises potential benefits, it also presents challenges for app developers. The need to scale budgets and marketing efforts to accommodate another platform may be tempting but daunting especially for smaller development teams with limited resources. Developers must carefully plan and allocate their budgets to ensure they can effectively market their apps across all platforms, including Microsoft’s new store.

Another challenge lies in the uncertainty of the regulatory landscape. With Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard facing scrutiny from regulators in the US, Europe, and the UK, the exact timeline for the new app store’s launch remains unclear. App developers must remain agile and prepared to adapt their strategies as the situation unfolds.

Developers may also face technical challenges in optimizing their apps for Microsoft’s platform, including potential compatibility issues with different devices and operating systems. It is crucial for developers to invest time and resources in ensuring their apps provide a seamless user experience across all platforms.


The launch of Microsoft’s new app store for mobile games presents both opportunities and challenges for app developers. The potential benefits include reaching new audiences and breaking the duopoly of Apple and Google in app distribution. However, developers must navigate the challenges of scaling budgets, marketing efforts, and adapting to an uncertain regulatory landscape.

By staying informed and agile, app developers can capitalize on the new opportunities offered by Microsoft’s app store while overcoming the hurdles that lie ahead. So now more than ever it is key to count on a reliable source to think and structure marketing campaigns in a clever and coherent way.

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