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Admiral Media,

May 22, 2023

Apptica Talks – Exploring Creatives, Testing, SKAN 4.0, and Beyond with Pablo Pérez González.

In this edition of Apptica Talks, we delve deep into the realms of creatives, testing methodologies, the updated SKAN 4.0, and so much more, featuring our Marketing Performance Director, Pablo Pérez González.

In this riveting marketing podcast, we touched on:

– An array of creative formats: banners, interstitial, video, playable, native ad, and counterfeit ads.

– Effective strategies for testing creatives, choosing the right geo/target audience/platform. Specific examples were drawn from Android while also acknowledging the distinct challenges presented by iOS14+.

TikTok’s role as a top-performing channel, the nuances of spark ads, tactics for success, and potential hurdles.

– Major differences between SKAN 3 and SKAN 4: two new postback additions, introduction of the “Lock Window” concept, crowd anonymity, and web-to-app attribution, all within the current transitional phase.

– The anticipated trends to watch out for in 2023.

Here are the key insights from the talk:

– Interstitial ads may feel intrusive but can be useful for promoting brand awareness.
– Playable ads offer a glimpse into the app, although their applicability varies across different scenarios (they work well for hyper-casual apps, but are challenging for hardcore or RPGs due to inherent ad limitations).
– Videos: Meta’s preferred ad format, offering comprehensive explanations within a 15-second span. A blend of animated videos with user-generated content or influencer content is recommended.
– Banners: Engagement rates tend to be higher with native ads compared to regular banners.
– Content is more critical than format in creatives. Understanding the unique selling proposition and solving the target audience’s pain points increases the likelihood of success.
– Testing is crucial as Google, Meta, and other networks are trending towards automated environments. Therefore, targeting is becoming less important.
– For testing, it is advised not to start with Google. Choose a network where you already have campaigns running or allocate a larger budget. For instance, you can conduct tests in Meta and apply the insights gained to platforms like SnapChat.
– Insight into Admiral Media’s testing strategy, discussing three distinct structures with varying advantages and limitations.
– TikTok: The platform is one of the top three performing channels. Once you’ve cracked Meta and Google, TikTok is a logical next step.
– Spark ads on TikTok leverage organic posts from brand or creator profiles. They outperform regular ads, which makes continuous running of spark ads a more viable option. The main challenge lies in sourcing quality content from micro-influencers at an affordable rate.
SKAN 4.0 presents a learning curve as it is unclear how ad networks will adapt to its new features. However, understanding SKAN 4.0 now will offer a competitive edge once its data starts pouring in.

In this podcast you get to stay on top of:

– Updates from ad networks and mobile measurement partners (MMPs) on implementing SKAN 4.0.

– Developments in AI, particularly in light of recent debates about banning ChatGPT in Germany and Italy.

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