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Andre Kempe,


Admiral Media,

Nov 24, 2022

What will the cost of Pinterest ads be in 2023?

Pinterest is an idea discovery, curation, and sharing platform that combines elements of a search engine with a social network. Ads on Pinterest allow companies to market their wares to Pinterest users. Promoted pins are another name for Pinterest ads. As part of its retargeting ad strategy, Pinterest displays Promoted Pins that are relevant to the user’s interests, browsing history, and website interactions. As a search engine with social media features, Pinterest is an effective marketing tool for businesses that want to know more about their target demographic through activities like taste curation and trend forecasting.

Some of Pinterest’s most telling statistics include its 300 million monthly users, the fact that 98% of its users have tried something new they found on the platform, the fact that 84% of its users conduct shopping research on the platform, and the fact that 77% of its users have discovered a new brand or product. For some companies, advertising on Pinterest may be a great way to expand their online presence. A company may find a profitable niche within Pinterest’s massive user base, even if its demographics aren’t a good fit. Promoting on Pinterest is a great way to boost your online presence.


Why is Pinterest marketing important?

Pinterest is a novel channel for businesses to use in their social media advertising. Because of Pinterest’s dual role as a visual bookmarking and search engine, it’s an excellent place for businesses to promote their products and services and increase their online visibility by utilizing keyword-rich, well-structured content. When developing a Pinterest marketing strategy, it’s crucial first to grasp the platform’s inner workings. We’ll go over why it’s essential to incorporate Pinterest into your marketing strategy, what it can do for your business, and how Pinterest ads can help.

Brands’ success on Pinterest can be gauged in three ways: through increased awareness, increased favorability, and improved brand perceptions. Pinterest ads have a unique advantage over competing platforms because they can introduce your brand to users when they are researching and actively engaged in a new area of interest. Ads on Pinterest ads are an excellent tool for online marketing for any company, but you need to know your audience well to get the most out of them.

Develop your brand’s recognition

Promoting your business on Pinterest is an effective strategy for expanding your online visibility. It’s been found that Pinterest is the best social media site for sponsored content since its consumers are more receptive to it, and the material doesn’t get in the way. Brands may profit from Pinterest since it is a platform where consumers actively seek fresh information and ideas. More and more people are meeting companies for the first time through Pinterest, primarily through sponsored pins. Branding requires visibility and accessibility. How many people know about, like, and think better of a brand on Pinterest is one way to measure its success. Pinterest ads can introduce your business to people who are studying and actively engaged in a new topic, unlike other ads. To maximize Pinterest ads for online marketing, you must know your audience.

Increase the audience, traffic, and revenue of your website

To boost brand recognition, website visits, and ultimately sales, pin high-quality photos to your Pinterest boards and pin them to relevant web pages to increase your visibility in search results. Through sponsored advertising or organic growth, Pinterest may help your company attract more eyes online. Pinterest is a social destination for consumers with high purchase intent for your website, with 83% of weekly pinners purchasing from a company viewed on Pinterest. Companies have an ample time window to focus on the most profitable customers. Smaller companies may profit from using Pinterest since its users are more open to exploring new goods. Ads may boost your Pinterest strategy. To make your content go viral and get more readers and viewers, you need to advertise it.

Creating a favorable first impression

First impressions aren’t everything, but they do matter. With this information, you should be able to see how vital Pinterest marketing may be to your larger digital advertising strategy. Pinterest’s emphasis on visuals and the importance of first impressions make it a great place to attract customers who may have never heard of your company. This will be much more successful if your company sells things like apparel, makeup, and more. You may boost the effectiveness of your ads by using textual content. However, textual and visual advertisements work well together on Pinterest.

Obtaining Success in Page Rankings of Search Engine Results

Pins that do well on Pinterest ads tend to rise in Google’s search rankings. A Pinterest pin that links to the destination page may get more clicks than the page itself. You’ll have twice as much time to win over a new crowd this way. Also, this might provide you with two excellent opportunities for individuals to discover your website. Folks searching Google may stumble onto a Pinterest pin that refers to your site. Pinterest users are a sizable and distinct demographic that might increase traffic to your site. After all, a click is a click, regardless of whether Google or Pinterest generated it.

Effective Publicity at an Economical Price

Pinterest ads are helpful for companies that have a small budget for commercials. Despite Pinterest’s lack of a robust business advertising platform, you can set up a profile for your company and begin sharing pins. The website relies heavily on visuals so that you may highlight eye-catching graphics and photos. If a user like the way your company looks, they may decide to follow your page and sign up for your posts. Pinterest Promoted Pins are a different type of advertising that brands can use. These pins receive more user exposure on Pinterest, which could lead to more people viewing your profile. These advertisements may include more than just images of things; they can also tell more of your brand’s history and suggest creative uses for your wares. The cost is money, but it’s far lower than the cost of internet advertising on sites like Google AdWords. No matter how big or small, any company would greatly benefit from a method that is both effective and cheap.

Buttons for Point-of-Sale Systems

Pinterest allows your profile to serve as an indirect buying platform in addition to growing your social media presence. Use “Product Pins” to link directly to the product page on Pinterest ads and get the word out about your goods. Users of Pinterest who are already interested in items like yours will see your ads. This addition has a lot of uses besides the obvious ones of getting more attention and making things easier to find. Pinterest enables you to organize your products into categories and review your stats. The platform’s various features allow you to utilize it for more than simply social media. Repeat buyers tend to frequent the site. Those who follow your page are interested in your ads even if they don’t know you.

If they continue to like your articles, they will likely visit your company’s website to look around. It’s unlikely that customers would immediately unfollow your page after making a purchase. This will make them more likely to become repeat customers and watch your content often. People who are happy with their product are more likely to be enthusiastic about upgrades and new versions. If not, consumers will likely forget the names of the companies whose goods they formerly purchased. Not reminding consumers of your brand will discourage a return visit, even if they love your goods. However, a Pinterest user who often visits the platform will have several opportunities to learn about your company, which can only be good for business.


The links are always prominently shown on the picture posts. This eliminates the need for customers to scrounge around for a link to your company’s website. Your company can only benefit from improved accessibility. Your connections will always be in the spotlight without you having to do extra work to get others to click on them.

Types of Pinterest ads

Now that you’ve learned why you need Pinterest ads, it’s critical to understand the types of Pinterest ads that are a significant cost factor.

Pinterest ad formats for organizations

Successful advertising campaigns begin with careful consideration of which advertising medium will best serve the needs of the company and its objectives. We’ve listed the different ways you can advertise on Pinterest, so you can make an informed choice.

Merchandising pins

Marketing using pins is simple yet powerful. There is no discernible difference between a promoted pin and an ordinary pin. The only difference is a little “promoted” sticker. On Pinterest, these pins are promoted and presented to a larger audience. The “sponsored” label disappears when you share a pin, and repins count as “earned media” on Pinterest. This implies that the reach is natural and unrestrained.

Commercial Pinterest advertisements

Shopping advertisements, often known as “shopping pins,” are a straightforward and effective way to target consumers. Shopping pins can be used to directly connect with potential customers while they are still window shopping. It would help to organize your catalog into boards, and Pinterest will start displaying your products to interested shoppers. They will be taken straight to the product page without any more work on your part.

Advertisements in video format

Promoted pins and video pins are quite similar. Instead of a still picture, the pin now plays a short video. Playback will begin when the video is visible to the camera for at least half of the screen. To get the attention of consumers, this is a fantastic strategy. To maximize this, your films should grab the attention of people who browse silently (most of us).

Carousel Pinterest ad

The number of photographs in a Pinterest carousel might range from two to five. You may learn more and better understand your brand this way. A carousel pin’s individual images may have unique titles, descriptions, and destination pages. With this feature, a carousel can show many different items in great detail.

Promoted Pin Boards on the Pinterest advertisement

The ideal way to advertise many items is in a collection ad. You can easily and quickly force them to use your catalogs. You may create a collection with a hero picture and up to 23 more images. When customers click on the grouping, they will be sent to a full-screen display of your items, where they can look at everything you offer.

Check the measuring pins

The Try On tool on Pinterest uses augmented reality to enable users to construct a virtual fitting room to determine how well things suit them. If you offer cosmetics or other personal care items, you should use this product pin.

Adaptive remarketing strategies

Users who have visited your site or have items in their shopping carts but have not yet checked out may be targeted with a remarketing campaign. These initiatives aim to pique people’s interest in your products and persuade them to buy them. One possible purpose is to increase the frequency with which visitors return to your site. For a campaign to be successful, it’s also essential to have a clear goal in mind.

The price of the Pinterest ad

Now that you know Pinterest’s advantages and the many advertising options available, how much does it cost to promote your business there? Your budget for this platform’s advertising will determine how much you spend. Your four options are: spreading the word about your business; getting more people to visit your site; making more money, and converting current visitors into customers. Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) rates for advertising that aims to raise brand recognition typically range from $2 to $5. Depending on the specifics of your campaign, the cost per interaction to increase your online presence might vary from $0.10 to $1.50. It will cost you anything from $0.10 to $1.50 per interaction if you want to drive visitors to your website. Finally, marketing focused on conversions might charge $6.00 to $10.00 per conversion.

You will have to compete with other marketers to have your ads appear for specific search phrases and regions. Thus, market competitiveness affects advertising spending. Imagine you’re a luxury furniture manufacturer trying to boost sales. Since this is a popular Pinterest search, the CPM would be about $10. However, specialist brands targeting less general queries may pay $6 CPM.


If you’re serious about internet marketing in 2023, you must incorporate Pinterest as a low-cost advertising alternative. With this highly effective alternative, businesses can reach their target audiences at a fraction of the cost of advertising on larger platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Marketers shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket and ignore Pinterest because it’s a smaller platform. If a business wants to advertise on Pinterest, it needs to work with a marketing firm that can use cutting-edge creative and media buying strategies. 

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